Outsourcing IT Services

MS Solutions’ outsourcing IT services allow you to cut operating costs, secure data, and optimize business performance by managing IT proactively.

Managed IT Services

MS Solutions’ outsourcing IT services allows you to cut operating costs, secure data, and optimize business performance by managing IT proactively.

Our approach to

outsourcing IT services

Today, there is high demand for outsourcing IT services and user support. Our outsourcing IT services allow you to meet these expectations by letting you manage your own IT infrastructures. We can manage both your IT equipment on site as well as all your cloud services. MS Solutions’ outsourcing IT services help you optimize your traditional IT and cloud environments by simplifying how they are managed. This includes unlimited technical assistance for all your users.

Accessible, friendly and efficient user support.

We do everything in our power to ensure that your team has exceptional user support. MS Solutions offers unlimited technical support for all your users. Technical assistance is available by phone or via web chat. If necessary, we offer technical support service on-site in Montreal, Québec and Beauce regions.

Managing your IT infrastructure in Montreal, Québec and Beauce.

Does your market force you to manage a traditional IT infrastructure on site? We have the solution! Our team has the expertise and resources to manage all your IT equipment. For more than 25 years, we have been managing all sizes of IT networks. We offer managed services in the Montreal, Québec and Beauce area.

Manage all your cloud services using one provider.

Whether you choose a 100% cloud solution, a traditional IT solution or a hybrid solution, we can simplify outsourcing IT services for your company. Our team can manage all cloud services used by your company. This means that you only need to communicate with one provider for all of your IT services. You are also guaranteed superior service as all your requests are managed in a centralized place.

One fixed monthly rate—no surprises.

MS Solutions’ outsourcing IT services are a turnkey solution with no nasty surprises. With us, you benefit from a single fixed monthly rate with no overcharge. Even if all of your employees contact us for technical support, you will not pay a penny more for in-house IT management. Technical support for all employees in your company is unlimited. Likewise, all tasks related to outsourcing IT services are included in the same fixed monthly rate.

Your company’s data security

is non-negotiable

All clients that receive our outsourcing IT services also benefit from our cutting-edge IT security services. IT security is our central concern in every decision we make. With MS Solutions, you can rest assured that your data will be protected according to the best security practices in the industry.

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