Microsoft Office 365 Phone System

Take a step up from your traditional phone system and offer your team the advanced call functions provided by the Microsoft Office 365 phone system.

Microsoft Office

365 Phone


Take a step up from your traditional phone system and offer your team the advanced call functions provided by the Microsoft Office 365 phone system.

Replace your traditional phone

installation with Office 365

Office 365 comes with an integrated phone system. So, your system is always up to date with the latest functions. Reply, transfer, hold and resume calls in one click. Transform your regular phone calls into collaborative work sessions with instant messages, HD video and desktop sharing. Microsoft Phone System is available as part of the Office 365 Enterprise E5 subscription. Our telephony experts will be able to advise you.

Office 365 phone system subscription

Pay the same price you would if you purchased the phone system directly from Microsoft, while benefiting from our local support and service offerings for businesses.

Office 365 phone system installation

We can install the Office 365 phone system in a way that is transparent for your company. Benefit from the expertise of our Microsoft specialists.

Office 365 phone system managed services

Managed services for the Office 365 phone system allows you to enjoy an exceptional level of support in English and French.

Office 365 Phone

System training

Training for the Office 365 phone system helps your employees fully benefit from the functions of your new system.

Get a quote for the monthly cost for your business

Get in touch with us and one of our cloud experts will discuss your requirements with you to prepare a clear and simple offer.

Office 365 Phone

System functions

Use your favourite desktop IP phones

Select from a wide range of compatible desktop phones. In addition to stable call functions, enjoy superior audio quality and unrivalled ease of use.


Access your office phone on PC, Mac and mobile devices

Use standard and advanced call functions on your existing desktop phones. Initiate calls from your desktop, tablet or mobile phone.

Call forwarding and simultaneous ring

Never miss a call with call forwarding and simultaneous ringing. Set up forwarding rules so your calls can go with you anywhere. Even forward calls to colleagues or to voicemail.


Device switching


Need to move a call from a headset to speakerphone in a meeting room? With Office 365 Phone System you can easily play your call or meeting on another device with just a couple of clicks.


Call answer and initiate

Answer inbound calls with just a touch. Easily place outbound calls by dialling the full phone number as on a traditional phone, or just click a contact’s name.

Distinctive ringing

Play different ringtones for the different types of calls you get every day, so you quickly know who is calling you.

Call hold and retrieve

Easily manage multiple calls. With the Office 365 Phone System, just answer the next inbound call or transfer an outbound call, and your current call goes on hold automatically.

Enterprise calendar call routing

Use your Exchange/Office 365 calendar business hours to enable or disable call forwarding and simultaneous ringing —so you keep control of your calls and your time.

Call history

Keep track of all your conversations in one place—from IMs and phone calls to impromptu and scheduled meetings. It’s all recorded in your call history and stored in Office 365.

Music on hold

Office 365 Phone System allows you to play music when you place a call on hold.


Need to speak to someone when they’re not available? You can easily tag people and get notified when their presence changes and they’re ready to take phone calls

Video call monitor

With Office 365 Phone System, multitask during meetings without missing what’s happening. See the speaker’s name and video stream in a small floating window, so you’re always ready to respond to any questions.

Caller ID

Calls from inside your company display a detailed caller ID that pulls information from your corporate directory—so you see a picture and job title instead of just a phone number.

Voice mail

Get all your voice mail deposited in your Outlook mailbox and made available through Skype for Business on your PC, Mac, mobile device and IP phone.

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