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About MS Solutions
Our ‘raison d'être’ is to inspire people to make their organization more efficient. The mission of our organization is to be the human partner of your technological evolution.

Our vision

Anticipate your challenges boldly.

Maxime Dion

Our success is based on innovative solutions and the excellence of our teams.

Maxime Dion


MS Solutions' values

  • Agility: Our ability to adapt rapidly to changes, embrace flexibility, and navigate with ease in an ever-changing environment.

  • Courage: The audacity to take calculated risks, explore new ideas, and challenge conventions to go beyond established limits.

  • Collective competences: The harmonious melding of individual expertise to form a stronger whole, thereby promoting collaboration and continuous learning within the team.

  • Innovation: Our creativity engine that pushes us to push boundaries, design new solutions, and cultivate a mindset where every challenge is an opportunity for innovation.


Sharing common values

We believe that when all our employees share these values, great things happen for our clients.


People at the heart of our solutions

We know that work teams are more successful when they use technology as a vehicle for collaboration, and when the human is placed at the centre of the solutions we implement.


Solutions tailored to your needs

We rely on our collective knowledge, our rigour, our analytical spirit, and our passion for innovation to propose and implement solutions adapted to the business issues of today and tomorrow.

Why work with MS Solutions?

MS Solutions’ reputation

Our employees are qualified; they don’t just pretend to know how to do things, they successfully execute all requested deliverables. Our clients feel confident with our experts, who have been with MS Solutions for many years. Our clients recommend us to their friends and family.

Gino Guay

Simplicity of process

We make it simple to work with us, from beginning to end of the process. We don’t have complex contracts that trap clients with immutable clauses. We seek to retain our clients by providing excellent service and delivering measurable results.

Cutting-edge expertise

Each employee specializes in one of our many solutions: managed IT services, cloud infrastructure, cybersecurity, Microsoft 365, and so on. Plus, our experts know the specifics of various industries: engineering, construction, medical, professional services, energy and resources, and many others.

The history of MS Solutions

MS Solutions began modestly, in a dedicated room in the home of founder Mario Chabot. Now, after 35 years, we can see how far the company has come!   

The start

Mario Chabot founds Micro-Services Québec Inc. with barely $4,500 in capital.

The company is dedicated to repairing equipment such as printers.  


The company broadens its services by entering the networking field. 

Office in Montreal

Micro-Services expands and opens an office in Montreal, where the company already has a growing customer base.  


Maxime Dion acquires Micro-Services. 

Technical support

The company innovates by creating a remote technical support center. 


Micro-Services obtains its first server virtualization mandate, which will pave the way for the cloud.  

MS Solutions

Micro-Services becomes MS Solutions and modernizes, while celebrating its 20th anniversary. 


he company creates a new online data backup service called MS Backup. 

MS Cloud

MS Solutions officially launches MS Cloud.


MS Solutions initiates its services in SharePoint. 


Cybersecurity is added to the company's service portfolio.

2018 et 2019

The company makes several acquisitions to support its growth and customers' needs.

MS Cloud 3.0

MS Solutions invests half a million dollars to upgrade its cloud, resulting in MS Cloud 3.0, in addition to moving into two new data centres.

New visual identity

MS Solutions gets a new logo and modernizes its visual identity.

Acquisition of ARS Solutions

MS Solutions acquires ARS Solutions, a company specializing in cybersecurity and in the manufacturing sector.

Acquisition of Comtech

MS Solutions acquires Comtech, a company specializing in IT.

Our leading services in Quebec

A leading provider of managed services in Quebec

Since 35 years, the MS Solutions team has been managing IT infrastructures in Quebec companies. We are proud to offer a very high level of expertise on the most innovative, widely used and secure technologies on the market.

We operate a cloud infrastructure in Quebec

We operate our own cloud infrastructure in order to offer solutions that are truly adapted to the needs of local businesses. Our world-class data centres, all located in Quebec, hold some of the most secure certifications on the market. We use only top-of-the-line equipment and quality storage for greater robustness.

Customized training solutions with virtual trainers

Our trainers allow you to improve the efficiency of your work teams via our customized training. Our training solutions are offered in virtual format with a live trainer to whom you can address your questions and concerns. We offer training for Microsoft 365, SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, One Drive and much more.

Data security is at the heart of everything we do

MS Solutions helps you protect your business data and meet the highest standards of enterprise cybersecurity. We penetration test your infrastructure and identify potential vulnerabilities. We can also perform a detailed audit of your IT infrastructure, including your Microsoft 365 environment.

MS Solutions distinguishes itself from smaller competitors by its many areas of expertise, and from larger competitors by delivering a more personalized service.