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Over 30 years of experience in IT services for businesses

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Broad expertise in many strategic aspects of IT

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What sets us apart

Evolve the way you work with our business IT services

Secured IT Managed Services

Entrust the management of your IT to our professionals in order to ensure that you have a secure and productive computer park.

Audits Services

Evaluate your IT services to analyze and improve the security and performance of your technology infrastructure.

Cloud Services

Choose a cloud solution tailored to your needs, to secure access to your business data.

Microsoft 365

Increase your team’s productivity and collaboration with the tools in the Microsoft 365 suite.

Cybersecurity Services

Prepare for the ever-growing number of cyber threats with the help of our cybersecurity experts.

Microsoft 365 Application Development

Automate your processes to improve operational efficiency and focus on your business goals.

A selection of employee users designers administrator training courses

Cybersecurity training

Protect your organization from cyber-attacks by educating your teams on cybersecurity. Equip them with the tools to identify and manage the ever-increasing number of cyber threats.

Microsoft training

Microsoft OneDrive/SharePoint User Training

Simplify collaboration between your teams and improve communication within your organization with our OneDrive/SharePoint training, two key tools for any organization that relies on hybrid work.

Planner / OneNote Training

Coordinate your work teams by taking full advantage of the features of Microsoft Planner, and stay organized by mastering OneNote notepads; two tools that allow you to increase the productivity of your employees.

Microsoft Teams Training

Maximize team agility by ensuring your employees have the resources they need to use Microsoft Teams effectively, whether they are working remotely or in-person

MS Solutions has over 30 years of experience

The start

Mario Chabot founds Microservice Québec Inc. with barely $4,500 in capital. The company is dedicated to repairing equipment such as printers.


The company broadens its services by entering the networking field.

Office in Montréal

Microservice expands and opens an office in Montréal, where the company already has a growing customer base.


Maxime Dion acquires Microservice. 

Technical Support

The company innovates by creating a remote technical support center.

Cloud computer

Microservice obtains its first server virtualization mandate, which will pave the way for the cloud.

MS Solutions

Microservice becomes MS Solutions and modernizes, while celebrating its 20th anniversary.


The company creates a new online data backup service called MS Backup.


MS Solutions officially launches MS Cloud.


MS Solutions initiates its services in SharePoint. 


Cybersecurity is added to the company's service portfolio.  

2018 et 2019
Business Acquisitions

The company makes several acquisitions to support its growth and customers' needs.

MS Cloud 3.0

MS Solutions invests half a million dollars to upgrade its cloud, resulting in MS Cloud 3.0, in addition to moving into two new data centres.

New visual identity

MS Solutions gets a new logo and modernizes its visual identity.

Join our Team

Are you looking for an innovative and stimulating work environment? Do you want to work with the latest technologies? Find your next job with MS Solutions today.

Join our Team

Are you looking for an innovative and stimulating work environment? Do you want to work with the latest technologies? Find your next job with MS Solutions today.

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