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IT Managed Services
Our IT Managed Services allow you to entrust the management of IT infrastructures to our experienced professionals and ensure that your computer equipment is up-to-date and secure. Thus, you will be able to focus on the strategic technological issues of your organization in addition to reducing the risks related to cybersecurity.
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3 good reasons to opt for our IT Managed Services solutions

Technical expertise

Saving time and efficiency

Cost reduction

Our packages

Our IT Managed Services package take care of your operational IT challenges. In fact, the recruitment of human ressources, the resolution of daily problems and the constant monitoring of equipment, can, in particular, be entirely supported by our team.


  • Online service calls and travel when required
  • Troubleshooting Microsoft Operating Systems and Office Software
  • Monitoring of supported devices
  • Microsoft Licensing
  • Installing server updates
  • Workstation buying tips
  • Participation in quarterly meetings with your account manager
  • Applying Microsoft Software Patches to Workstations
  • Basic multi-factor authentication with cellular and its troubleshooting
  • Computer Network Inventory
  • Remote connection and monitoring tool
  • MsCloud Solution Support
  • Anti-virus solution
  • Data backup solution for M365 environment


All the advantages of the basic package, and even more to improve the management of your IT infrastructures
  • External vulnerability analysis
  • Production of a technological integration report
  • Implementation of a geofencing and conditional access strategy
  • Installation of new workstations purchased from MS Solutions
  • Microsoft 365 Core Governance Framework and Governance Concepts Explainer Video
  • Management and remediation of security incidents
  • Management of alerts generated by the Vigilance tool
  • Dark Web monitoring and notification of leaks
  • Anti-spam management
  • M365 frameworks diagnosis
  • Cybersecurity maturity diagnosis


All the advantages of the basic and secure packages, and even more to improve the management of your IT infrastructures
  • Microsoft 365 configuration optimized for security as well as monitoring
  • Support for your cyberinsurer's tactical teams in the event of a major security incident
  • Annual support to complete the documentation required by your cybersecurity insurer
  • Annual planning of your technological projects with a senior advisor
  • Installation of new physical or virtual servers and switches purchased from MS Solutions and provided for in the annual planning
  • Decommissioning of old servers planned in the annual planning
  • Managing mobile devices in InTune
  • $1600 credit on training offered by MS Solutions

Why Choose IT Managed Services of MS Solutions?

Our services allow leaders to focus on the strategic activities of their organization while reducing operating costs and operational risks. The IT Managed Services makes it possible to deliver superior quality IT services to users with increased stability and security.

We have seen and heard too many stories of companies that have suffered from a lack of cybersecurity. Inaccessible computer systems, data leaks, loss of productivity and leaked confidential information are just some of the consequences of the malicious acts any business can fall victim to. At MS Solutions, our mission is to protect our customers as we protect our own facilities: with maximum security.

We have built a user support center, consisting of trained staff available to answer your questions and assist you in solving even the trickiest IT problems. These technicians, at all different levels of expertise, have access to your computer system and can help your users quickly and efficiently. If there is a problem, you can contact them through tickets, chat on our website, phone call or email.

We know you want the best people to serve you every day. This is why we rely on the quality of the resources within MS Solutions. Experience, training and a positive attitude are strict criteria for hiring in our organization. Providing high quality service is part of our approach, and our value proposition to support your users by resolving their issues quickly.

Our experts are located across Quebec and can serve you virtually and, when required, face to face. With offices in Boisbriand, Montreal and Quebec, as well as teleworking workers in various cities, our proximity allows us to help as many businesses as possible. If your needs require a continuous physical presence, it is also possible to move one or more people to accompany you in your daily life.

Frequently asked questions about IT Managed Solutions

IT outsourcing is an outsourced service which consists of entrusting the management and operation of all or part of a company’s information system (IS) to a specialized external service provider. This service provider, called an outsourcer, undertakes to guarantee the performance, security and availability of its client’s IS.

This solution allows companies to focus on their core business while benefiting from the expertise and technical resources of qualified professionals. Through outsourcing, businesses can optimize their operations, improve efficiency and reduce costs associated with managing their IT infrastructure.

In short, IT outsourcing represents a winning strategy for ensuring the stability, security and performance of a company’s IT systems in a constantly evolving environment.

At MS Solutions, we offer three IT managed services packages: Basic, Secured and Premium IT Managed Services.
We offer different packages because we know your business is changing and so are your needs.

Our goal is to maximize productivity and minimize risk to your organization.

Do not hesitate to contact our team of experts to find out which type of IT managed services is best for you.

Basic IT managed services is aimed at any organization that has a limited budget, but wishes to have complete IT support and optimal management of its IT equipment. It is aimed at organizations that have a good risk tolerance and are comfortable with basic security solutions.

Secure IT managed services is aimed at any organization aware of security issues and having a desire to implement good practices and good security protection services to increase its IT security.

Why secure IT managed services is now a must (

Premium IT managed services is for any organization concerned with being proactive in the health of its technological infrastructure and with a desire to maximize security solutions in its environment. It is a complete service that supports all of the IT needs of an organization that wishes to maximize the use of technology and benefit from proactive consulting services.

MS Solutions will make every effort to resolve any incident, problem or change as soon as possible and in the least intrusive way possible. Our service level objectives are broken down into 4 priority levels, depending on the impact on the environment of your organization. Our experts can explain in detail the response time objective for each priority level. As far as possible, MS Solutions’ interventions are carried out remotely.

To join any IT managed services plan, the company’s IT environment must be in the Microsoft 365 environment and have Business Premium licenses or its equivalent. Also, services relating to computer equipment and software must be under active support. Also, joining multi-factor authentication is not optional.

We serve all sizes of business.
Our packages are advantageous for organizations with more than 20 users.

Our Commitment

Our team of experienced technicians will help you solve your IT issues efficiently, and allow you to focus on your growth.

Yves Coté

Partner, Vice President of Operations

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