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A reliable and secure IT infrastructure is essential to support your organization's operations. To do this, you need to ensure that your traditional (on-premises) infrastructure is optimized for your needs.
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A well-functioning traditional IT infrastructure will positively impact the productivity of your employees and ensure the security of your data

MS Solutions offers a wide range of solutions and services for traditional IT infrastructure. If your current infrastructure is aging, you may be experiencing connectivity, productivity and security issues that can have a direct impact on your internal and external workforce. Contact an MS Solutions expert to discuss maintaining and upgrading your IT infrastructure.

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Properly managing your IT infrastructure will ensure the profitability of your business

Source: IBM

The components of an IT infrastructure 

A traditional infrastructure is composed of both hardware and software. It includes enterprise application software solutions, facilities, data centres, servers, and desktop and networking equipment.

Facilities provide space for networking equipment, servers, and data centres. Networks include switches, routers, hubs and servers. Servers located in data centres provide your users with access to and the ability to share resources.

Your IT infrastructure is the heart of your business. It must be solid in order to have a reliable IT system, so you can manage your business objectives with confidence.

Criteria for a good IT infrastructure

The criteria for an IT infrastructure can vary depending on your business needs and strategy. However, certain criteria relating to performance, availability, security and scalability are common to all organizations.


You must ensure that you have a high-performance data storage and backup system, including a recovery system in case of a major problem.


Your employees must be able to access their work tools in an efficient manner, with access to computer resources (files, data, etc.) at all times, without downtime due to a system failure.


Your IT infrastructure must be secured with the help of a system that controls access to information and data. The infrastructure must be protected against cyber-attacks so that your employees and customers can be assured that their data will not be stolen.


When you want to increase performance, capacity or security features, your IT infrastructure must allow for the implementation of new equipment and the integration of upgraded features.

Services offered by MS Solutions

MS Solutions can help you achieve your objectives, whatever your criteria. Our experts will be able to evaluate and define the solutions best suited to your company’s needs. We can design and deploy the right solutions and services to enhance your IT infrastructure. This will allow you to focus on your core business with peace of mind.

The installation of servers and firewalls within your organization by our experts will ensure excellent management and security of your infrastructure.

By entrusting the upgrade of your IT infrastructure to MS Solutions:

A unique license key upgrade allows you to upgrade your equipment when you want to increase your performance, security or capacity, without having to purchase new hardware.

You will have access to a team of security professionals to ensure that your IT infrastructure and the changes you make to your IT assets do not compromise security and compliance.

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Our team of experienced technicians will help you solve your IT issues efficiently, and allow you to focus on your growth.

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