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Use the Microsoft 365 environment to gain productivity
Adopt Microsoft 365 solutions in your daily work to save time and improve efficiency. Boost productivity and collaboration by connecting your employees to the right people, information and content, no matter where they are.
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Secure and collaborative solutions

MS Solutions can help you implement and adopt different solutions such as Microsoft 365, Power BI, IP telephony through Microsoft Teams, or Windows 365.

Microsoft 365

Collaboration takes off with Microsoft 365, and effective communication within your teams happens when your employees can share and communicate without barriers, using tools tailored for remote collaboration. Microsoft 365 offers collaboration applications to keep your teamwork efficient and productive, even when you’re telecommuting.

Power BI

Power BI is the business intelligence (BI) analytics solution developed by Microsoft that allows your business to benefit from a suite of analytics tools for all the data collected within your organization. The visualization of your data will be accessible everywhere and at any time by your employees, in a secure manner – an asset for hybrid work. 

IP Telephony by Microsoft Teams

IP Telephony by Microsoft Teams offers many of the features of traditional telephony, while enhancing them with new technologies to overcome the limitations of traditional telephony and offer an enriched experience to your users. By choosing Teams Telephony, you benefit from our expertise, local support, and various complementary service offerings.

Windows 365

Windows 365 provides a secure hybrid work environment that allows your employees to stay productive wherever they are. Targeted at small and large businesses, Windows 365 meets the needs of organizations that want to provide flexibility to their employees while maintaining a high level of security against cyber threats.

OneDrive for Business

OneDrive for Business is designed so that your employees can access, share and collaborate on all files from anywhere in your organisation. Learn about the new features in OneDrive for Business that connect all your files to Microsoft 365.

Microsoft Defender for Office 365

Microsoft Defender for Office 365 provides your organization with state-of-the-art security against the numerous risks of cyber threats. As cyber threats grow and become more costly, it is essential to have reliable and effective protection based on advanced technologies.

Data Backup for Microsoft 365

Since data backups are not part of the Microsoft 365 solution, avoid the risk of losing critical information and personal data. Use an external solution to back up all your information on a secure cloud, based in Quebec.


Microsoft Intune is the secure, centralized management solution for your devices. With Intune, secure device management is simplified, enabling employees to access their business resources anywhere, anytime, while maintaining corporate security – an essential asset for hybrid working.


Let Copilot revolutionize your everyday life thanks to its integration with your Microsoft 365 environment. It will provide you with intelligent, personalized help throughout your day!


Identify what data is sensitive and critical to your business, then manage and protect it in your environment.

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