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The MS Solutions Team
With a hundred IT professionals in all regions of Quebec, as well as in a few European countries, MS Solutions has a growing team of specialists.

Who is behind
MS Solutions?

We are a team of passionate people ready to deliver quality service. Each employee has a specific expertise in one of our solutions. Discover without further delay the background of some of our employees.

At MS Solutions, our success is based on innovative solutions and the excellence of our professionals.

If you want the best people serving you on a daily basis, you’ve come to the right place. We rely heavily on the quality of the resources that work within MS Solutions. Experience, training and a positive attitude are essential hiring criteria within our organization.

But above all, we make it our mission to offer a fulfilling, respectful and balanced work environment. Our internal culture promotes recognition, highlights achievements and team cohesion.

Meet some of our team members

Maxime is responsible for carrying out MS Solutions’ mission while ensuring its growth and profitability. He has completed more than a dozen business acquisitions since he purchased MS Solutions from Mario Chabot in 2005.

Maxime Dion

President, Partner

Yves joined MS Solutions in 1998 as a computer technician. He also served as Director of Operations from 2005 to 2016. Most recently, he was named Vice President of Operations for MS Solutions. Yves is responsible for a multidisciplinary team of more than 50 professionals.

Yves Côté

Vice President of Operations, Partner

Stéphane has significant experience in telecommunications and he excels in popularizing different information technologies. His listening skills combined with his technical knowledge allow him to offer down-to-earth solutions and methods to support companies in the gradual implementation of Office 365 desktop applications.

Stéphane Blais

Vice President of Technologies and Innovation

Marie-Ève ​​has more than 15 years of experience in communications, sales and marketing with professional services companies. She is an experienced team manager who knows how to combine strategy with execution and demonstrate creativity. Above all, she wants to help grow MS Solutions, its service offering and its team so that the company stands out in its niche.

Marie-Ève Ducharme

Vice President of Sales, Marketing and Customer Relations

Monica started at MS Solutions in 2017. She is recognized for her high level of expertise and rigor in the financial field. Formerly Director of Finance, Monica now takes center stage as Vice President of Finance at MS Solutions.

Monica Hoisan

Vice President of Finance

Robin started at MS Solutions in the early 90s when the company focused on IT equipment repair. It was in 1995 that Robin implemented and managed the first computer network for an MS client. He is now responsible for the development of all of our IT resources.

Robin Ouellet

Senior Information Systems Administrator, Associate

Bernard started at MS Solutions in 2008. He is recognized for his high level of expertise, his rigor and his qualities as a popularizer. Bernard has been acting as Security and Audits Practice Director since July 2016.

Bernard Després

Security and audit practice director, Partner

Aïcha is Director of Human Resources and Culture. His strategic vision, in combination with his human and dynamic approach, promotes the development of the full potential of our talents, the establishment of creative structures and sustainable growth in HR for the company. Passionate about people, she aligns her actions to provide a positive and balanced collaborative experience for all the talents of the organization.

Aïcha Soulières

Director of Human Resources and Culture

Guillaume started at MS Solutions in 2022. With a passion for sales and customer service, he embodies excellence in his field. Guillaume is recognized for his ability to understand the specific needs of each client and to offer tailor-made solutions with a consultative approach.

Guillaume Poulin

Sales Director​

Gino has more than 20 years of experience in the IT field. In addition to possessing very advanced technical knowledge, Gino excels in business development. As part of his professional career, he has contributed to the growth of several companies by providing creative technological solutions to complex operational challenges. IT solutions, and particularly Microsoft tools, no longer hold any secrets for him.

Gino Guay

Training Director