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Why secure IT Managed services is now a must

Managed services were created more than 40 years ago to help large companies that did not have the optimal skills to manage their own IT systems.  

Today, “classic” IT managed services allows you to benefit from the skills and solutions of IT experts. Its main objective is to improve the performance of your infrastructure and to free you from the daily management of user support. With the new generation of secure IT managed services, the objective is also to make your information system highly secure to avoid any interruption of your activities that could be caused by a computer security breach.  

Our MS Solutions secure IT managed services solution allows you to maximize productivity by entrusting the management of IT infrastructures to our experienced professionals and ensures that you minimize the risk of security breaches. There are many benefits to outsourcing your organization; here are just a few. 


Minimize The Risk Of Cyberattack

Secure Managed Services, with its world-class solutions, allows you to put an extremely strong foundation in IT security. That way, you can keep your business as safe as possible from intrusions, data theft, phishing and other increasingly common cybersecurity issues. 

All Secure Managed Services customers will benefit from:  

  • Vulnerability analysis
  • Production of a technological integration report
  • Implementation of a geofencing and conditional access strategy
  • Installation of new workstations purchased from MS Solutions
  • Microsoft 365 Core Governance Framework and Governance Concepts Explainer Video
  • Management and remediation of security incidents
  • Management of alerts generated by the Vigilance tool
  • Dark Web monitoring and notification of leaks 
  • Anti-spam management


Maximize The Productivity Of Your Resources

With our secure IT managed services, you can focus on your business growth priorities because your IT environment will be highly secure and your day-to-day IT management will be in good hands. 

Say goodbye to the recruitment of human resources dedicated to IT support, the resolution of daily problems and the constant monitoring of equipment, all of which can be fully taken care of by our team.


Give Yourself The Flexibility

Secure IT managed services gives you quick access to the IT resources you need to grow and evolve with your organization.


Access To Knowledgeable Resources

Our Secure Managed Services customers have access to a user support center staffed by trained personnel to answer your questions and help you resolve problems. With access to your computer system and the knowledge we develop of your environment, we can help your users quickly. If you have a question or problem, you can easily contact them through tickets, chat on our website, phone calls or email.


In Short

At MS Solutions, our mission is to protect our clients as we protect our own facilities: with maximum security.  

Our experts are located throughout Quebec and can serve you virtually and, when required, on site. If your needs require a continuous physical presence, it is possible to move one or more people to accompany you in the daily life of your organization.  

Find out more about our three IT Managed services packages (basic, secure, premium), contact our experts or call 1-888-877-3365. 

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