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Make Dark Web Monitoring A Priority

At the start of 2021, more than 3 billion Gmail and Hotmail passwords were leaked online via hacking forums. Some fear that this theft corresponds to “the largest collection of stolen login data ever shared online”. This hack is linked to the compilation of past breaches broadcast on the web, and is far from being the first of its kind – 117 million LinkedIn accounts were leaked in France in 2021. These examples remind us of the importance of healthy and robust permanent monitoring of the Dark Web within enterprises. Here we are going to discuss the importance of this monitoring, with some key figures, and then advise you of the actions you can take.


The Importance of Dark Web Monitoring

Dark Web monitoring is effective and successful if one knows where to look and what to monitor. Most organizations are generally unaware that there is a black market for buying and selling information (i.e. the Dark Web). For example, did you know that 26% of small business workers have no idea about the Dark Web? And that 47% of businesses that suffer cyber-attacks are small and medium-sized businesses (see diagram below). Therefore, the first thing you need to do is to inform your employees of the possible risks they face. It is essential to train your employees on security protocols, and explain to them the importance of protecting their accounts with complex and different passwords for each site. Secondly, you should entrust Dark Web monitoring to experts who specialize in the field.

Cybersecurity Experts Specializing in the Dark Web

These experts will seek to understand your environment and how cyber-criminals might target your business. An efficient investigation of these sources makes it possible to obtain information on the tools, tactics, techniques and procedures of cyber-pirates. And with this data, they can develop a relevant security strategy. Dark Web monitoring will also go through insider threat analysis. People in your company who deal with important data can use online forums and marketplaces to sell it. Our experts will be able to set up protection against exposed data, as well as large-scale attacks. In order to obtain advice adapted to your company, we invite you to discuss this with one of our experts, here.


In Short, Don’t Take the Dark Web Lightly…

MS Solutions offers proactive monitoring of your corporate data on the Dark Web. Thanks to continuous monitoring, you will be alerted as soon as sensitive information related to your business is found on the Dark Web. You can then take immediate corrective measures and avoid a much more serious situation. Your projects will be entrusted to certified professionals who proactively manage IT security for hundreds of Canadian companies. Contact our cybersecurity expert for more information about Dark web monitoring.

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