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Save Money With IT Managed Services

A IT managed services consists of entrusting the management of your IT infrastructure and the security of your computer equipment to professionals in the field. But did you know that this solution can also save you money? By outsourcing the management of your IT services, the foresight and planning offered by an external provider will help your business reduce one-time IT expenses by avoiding potential technology problems and cyber attacks.


Cybersecurity Taken Care Of By IT managed sourcing

A cybersecurity breach, data theft or phishing could potentially be very costly to your business. However, if you opt for IT Managed services, security solutions are included. For example, at MS Solutions, we provide phishing campaigns, cybersecurity micro-training, DarkWeb monitoring, enhanced malware protection and many other services when you sign up for IT Managed services. All of these services minimize the risk of costly attacks to your business and can save you money in both the short and long term. 


Controlling Your Network Administration Costs

Keeping your network running smoothly requires resources to be vigilant and responsive when needed. The cost of your labour and equipment can become high between data backup, patching and troubleshooting connectivity issues. By outsourcing network administration to an external provider, you’ll have better control over your costs and potential downtime will be eliminated through increased foresight and vigilance. As a reminder, it is important to work with a trusted partner who has a competent team with solid experience and training in the field.   


Support For Users

The IT Managed services solution provides quality support to all your users. This allows your employees to focus on high value-added tasks without downtime and without having to worry about potential IT issues. If a user has a problem, a user support center, composed of technicians with different levels of expertise, can help employees remotely. At MS Solutions, we also have a ticketing system, phone or email contact, and chat to help users.  With direct access to your computer system, our experts can solve your problems quickly. 


In Short

The IT Managed services solution will allow you to deal with IT problems before they become too costly and therefore save money. You will get a return on investment quickly. Your employees will be able to focus on other value-added tasks and be more efficient. For more information on our solution, visit our IT Managed services page.

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