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A New Browser, Microsoft Edge, Is Coming Soon

Microsoft Edge is Microsoft’s new web browser, designed to replace Internet Explorer. It has a new web rendering engine and support tools for developers to build stable and reliable websites. It will also be compatible with websites created for Safari and Chrome. During the Ignite conference on November 4th 2019, Microsoft took the opportunity to announce all of its new features, including this new web browser.   

New to Microsoft Edge 

Microsoft has revealed the release date for this new web browser. Based on the open source Chromium software, the new Edge browser will be available on Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 and macOS, in 90 languages. The beta version is already available, so we already have a preview! 


Increased Security

The software will activate a minimum layer of personal data protection by default. Three levels of protection (Basic, Normal and Strict) are available in the settings, depending on your needs. Edge will also offer a mode called InPrivate, comparable to a private browsing mode, that will remove any advertising tracking performed on websites to analyze different connections. 


Collection Creation 

Edge also allows you to create “Collections”. Thanks to this functionality, a user can save elements of web content in a single space by a simple click and drop: an entire page, a link, an image, a piece of text, etc. 


“Artistic” Home Page 

The browser displays a new so-called “Artistic” home page, each day displaying a new illustrative image retrieved by the Bing search engine, quick access to favourite sites and online services, as well as an overview of the news of the day. Other, more sober display modes allow more direct access to content. 


New Logo 

This was unveiled as part of a puzzle game for Microsoft employees. It was then made public on Twitter. The new logo takes the form of a wave, in which we can also see the traditional letter “e” that Microsoft’s web browser has sported since its inception. It uses the blue colour that also characterizes this software, but adds a green tone, which is new. The message Microsoft wants to convey is that of renewal, a richer and more complex browser than previous versions. 

We will have to wait until January 15th to take advantage of the final version of Microsoft Edge. In the meantime, the beta version is available on Windows 10 and macOS.   

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