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What is Microsoft MyAnalytics and what are its benefits?

Microsoft MyAnalytics (originally Delve Analytics) is an application developed by Microsoft that allows employees to manage their working time. The application is designed so that employees, as well as their superiors, can have information on how their team members are spending their working time. MyAnalytics is part of the Microsoft 365 productivity ecosystem. The application is able to track time spent in meetings, on certain applications such as Outlook, or even overdue work time. In this article you will see how this application could be useful to you and improve the efficiency of your work. 

How does MyAnalytics work? 

MyAnalytics uses already existing data that is in users’ calendars and emails. Therefore, the application does not collect new data, but only aggregates it, to provide a useful report to users. 

MyAnalytics can be used to track the time spent on certain tasks. Microsoft takes care of separating these tasks into several categories, such as meetings, time spent on emails, time spent in an employee’s network, and so on. 

  • The total time displayed in MyAnalytics can be very useful for getting an overview of how your employees are spending their working time. 
  • The People Network makes it possible to see who in the company collaborates the most. 
  • The meeting space will allow users to see how much time they spend in meetings, in order to better manage their time. 
  • The email section allows you to see how much time users spend communicating with others via email. 
  • Microsoft’s app also gives you the time you spend working outside of meetings. 

What are the advantages of Microsoft MyAnalytics? 

The advantages of Microsoft MyAnalytics are as follows: 

  • Receive data-driven recommendations to improve workflow 
  • Have a better knowledge of employees and user networks 
  • Receive an email every week that helps you understand where you spend the most time 
  • Have an extension on Outlook to see statistics relating to the time spent in your mailbox 
  • You will have recommendations to potentially improve your productivity 

It’s important to note that workers, managers and industry observers have expressed concern about such monitoring of employee tasks. Many are concerned that constant monitoring of tasks, such as drafting emails, creating meetings, or opening certain documents, could undermine employee privacy, and the aggregation of data could be used to justify a negative performance review. It is important to remember, however, that Microsoft does not install an agent that actively monitors a user’s actions. All MyAnalytics data is data that the user can collect from their applications themselves. Microsoft has also gone to great lengths to assure users that their data is private. 

However, we recommend that you store all of your MyAnalytics data on the Office 365 cloud, in order to make this tool reliable. 

In short…

Microsoft’s MyAnalytics is simply intended to report regularly to users and managers in order to potentially improve their productivity. However, you can still remove this app from your dashboard. If you want to know more about this solution, contact one of our experts. 

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