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Customized cybersecurity training for advanced employee awareness
Develop your team's skills to identify and manage cyber threats. With our custom cybersecurity training, you can rest assured that all your training needs will be met.
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Develop the skills of your key players with advanced cybersecurity training, tailored to your needs

We understand that basic training cannot cover all your needs. In order to further deepen the knowledge of certain key players in your organization, more advanced training is required. That’s why our cybersecurity specialists can build a customized training program to meet your needs.

Did you know that …

The next pandemic, which has a virus-like exposure, is going to be related to cyber-attacks, because they have no geographic or temporal boundaries.

Source: Evan Greenberg, CEO of Chubb

Who is our advanced cybersecurity awareness training for?

The main gateway to cybersecurity issues is your company’s employees. They are both the weak link and your first line of defense. It is imperative to train them and raise their awareness on a regular basis, in order to avoid the many consequences that a cyber-attack can have.


The training that we will develop together will be adapted to the audience you are targeting. More technical training can be offered to a team in information technology, while more personalized training can be offered to senior executives.

Why take a customized cybersecurity training course?

Our cybersecurity training will be tailored to your company’s specific needs, ensuring that you address your current cybersecurity issues while meeting the specific training expectations of your target audience.

MS Solutions has already designed and conducted multiple types of customized training, and we will use our cybersecurity expertise to adapt to your needs.

As an example, custom cybersecurity training may be required if you:

In all cases, you can discuss your needs with our experts to build a training plan for your teams.

A unique training approach

MS Solutions is composed of technology professionals with great skills in popularization and knowledge transfer. With our advanced cybersecurity awareness training, you will interact with Bernard Després, who knows cybersecurity in depth and has been in the IT field for years. All of your questions will be answered during the training and you will be able to call upon his services for personalized coaching after the training.

Meet your trainer


Bernard Després

Bernard started at MS Solutions in 2008. He is recognized for his high level of expertise, his rigour and his ability to communicate. He is Security and Audit Practice Manager, certified CISA (Certified Information Systems Auditor) and CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional), with over 20 years of experience in IT consulting. He is a trusted trainer who will be able to guide your employees in the adoption of good cybersecurity practices and reflexes.

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