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Bill 25 compliance audit

Ensure your company's compliance with Bill 25 by having your organization audited by our experts.

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Ensure your company's compliance with Bill 25 with our specialized audit


Compliance expertise

Our cybersecurity specialists are highly qualified to assess and guarantee your company’s full compliance with Bill 25.


Automating your compliance

Thanks to the various document management tools in our toolbox, you’ll be able to automate the tasks linked to your compliance.


Cybersecurity expertise

Our consultation hours with a cybersecurity specialist give you the advice you need to protect your valuable data.

A 3-step audit! 👌

Our compliance audit is divided into 3 main stages to ensure that nothing is left to chance when it comes to your compliance with Bill 25.

  • Incident management
  • Personal information management
  • Security organization (appointment of RPR.)
  • Assessment of serious harm and privacy factors
  • Scan of your website to identify cookies collected
  • Evaluation of consent management on your website (banner used)
  • Assessment of compliance with the life cycle of personal information:
    Collection, use, disclosure, retention and disposal
  • Assessment of compliance with the right to consent :
    Purpose of use and right to portability

You haven’t started your Bill 25 compliance efforts yet, and would like support in doing so?
Take a look at our Support for compliance with Bill 25, a turnkey solution.

Our Commitment

Our team of certified cybersecurity professionals will work with you to implement and maintain the IT security solution that meets your needs.

Bernard Després

Security and Audit Practice Manager

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