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Secure IT outsourcing
Secure IT outsourcing allows you to focus on your company's strategic issues and accelerate your digital transformation, but also to limit the risk of a cyberattack with the security components of our solutions.
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Our secure IT outsourcing approach

We tailor our IT outsourcing services to the business and technology issues of each of our clients. Our IT outsourcing services allow you to meet the expectations of your users and managers while maintaining transparency in day-to-day IT operations. We manage complex IT infrastructures in both cloud and traditional modes, using highly efficient processes and management tools. We have cybersecurity expertise that is fully integrated with our IT outsourcing solutions.

Did you know that…

74% of technology decision makers say they don't have all the skills in-house to meet their organization's technology needs," according to a study by Forrester Consulting.

Source: according to a study by Forrester Consulting.

Secure IT outsourcing includes :

Services and Solutions


The benefits of IT outsourcing

Recognized expertise

Access to a decentralized team dedicated full-time to solving your problems and optimizing your IT infrastructure.


For less than the cost of an in-house employee, you’ll have a highly specialized, proactive team to keep your technology systems running smoothly.

IT security

Secure IT outsourcing allows you to apply best practices in cyber threat management. You can count on a team of top-notch cybersecurity experts and proactive monitoring to detect anomalies in your IT infrastructure.  


Accelerated digital transformation

Technology tools are essential to increasing your productivity. Using these tools also means that resources are needed to implement and maintain them.

Improve your
users' experience

Secure IT outsourcing will allow your employees to focus on value-added missions for your company. In addition, in the event of a computer failure, your users will be able to count on exceptional technical support. 

Take your company's security seriously

Cybersecurity services are an integral part of our IT outsourcing solutions. MS Solutions offers vulnerability scanning, proactive Dark Web monitoring, malware protection, cybersecurity training for your employees, and much more. The security of our clients and their infrastructures is one of our top priorities. Secure IT outsourcing ensures a superior level of service, by centrally orchestrating all of your requirements, from traditional IT solutions to cybersecurity.

Entrust your IT operations to the leading team in Quebec

By entrusting your IT services to MS Solutions, you will have access to the resources and expertise necessary for your operations. Benefit from exceptional level 1, 2 and 3 support and a response time that will exceed your expectations. Better yet, our senior consultants will be able to accompany and guide you in your strategic IT decisions. Our team has the expertise and resources to handle all of your IT infrastructure management, both “on-site” and remotely. Our user support centre can quickly assist you in resolving your problems. Our technicians have access to your computer system and will be able to help you as soon as you contact them via tickets, chat on our website, phone call or email.

Our engagement

Maxime Dion

We are committed to staying on the cutting edge of technological innovations, and to helping you benefit from them, while evolving our company to remain at the forefront.

Maxime Dion

Président MS Solutions

Additional information on secure IT outsourcing

All of your IT systems management and user support is included in one fixed monthly fee. We will also take care of any technical issues you may have. However, new IT projects, such as adding new cloud services, implementing new IT equipment, or implementing new management software are not included in our IT outsourcing services. Ask our sales team to clarify what is and is not included. Of course, all of our clients have a very clear service contract that includes service levels.  

The MS Solutions customer portal offers direct access to the MS Solutions ticket and contract management system. Through this secure web interface, users and managers can gain autonomy and accelerate their support requests, without having to call or send an email. The different levels of security offered allow a user to open a “ticket,” as well as an administrator to consult past invoices. Our team implements highly efficient management processes and tools.  

MS Solutions solves the vast majority of problems with immediate remote support. However, if needed, a technician will come to your office, according to the time frame specified in your outsourcing agreement (SLA). There are no additional costs associated with travel.

MS Solutions protects your network from intrusions, malware, viruses, spam and other hazards, while allowing your employees to access the work they need, when they need it.

The MS Solutions team has a wide range of certifications and expertise that cannot be replaced by a single person, or even a small IT team. MS Solutions has over 75 full-time employees across Quebec, and has been in business for over 30 years.  

Our team can set up a clear and well-structured project plan to make your transition to our team a success. The transition is seamless, with no interruptions to service and no reduction in the level of support for your employees.

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