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Business IT Hot Topics for 2023

You are a Quebec organization and you come across this article in 2023? Fortunate ! You are exactly where you should be. We will talk about hot topics in IT in the business world for this year: Cyberinsurance, Law 25, ChatGPT… Be proactive in informing yourself on these topics to get the year off to a good start.


Cyber insurance on the way out

Cyber insurance is a useful tool for organizations, as it allows them to protect themselves against the risks associated with cyber attacks. Among other things, it offers financial coverage for losses caused by incidents such as data loss, service interruptions and damage to reputation. (More details: Cybersecurity insurance matters for everyone)

However, the rise in the number of cyberattacks in recent years has made cyber insurance increasingly expensive and demanding for organizations to sign up. Insurance companies have increased rates to cover the increased risk, and some have even opted out of offering coverage for cyberattacks. In a recent interview, Mario Greco, CEO of Zurich Insurance Group warned that cyberattacks, like natural disasters, will become “uninsurable”. (Swissinfo.ch, 2022) 

Faced with this situation, it is necessary for organizations to protect themselves against the risks of cyberattacks by ensuring their own cybersecurity. To do this, they will have to couple different protection techniques such as updating security software, regular data backup, and other prevention techniques.

Beyond these interventions, knowing that humans are the biggest cause of computer security breaches, training will remain your best weapon. We recommend that you set up a cybersecurity awareness plan for your employees to increase everyone’s vigilance.

Cybersecurity awareness for all

From year to year, cyberattacks are increasing and the techniques of hackers are being refined. In addition, cybersecurity is a subject that concerns us all, because we all use technologies that are connected to the Internet, such as computers, smartphones, social networks, online banking systems, etc.

These technologies allow us to access a lot of information and perform many tasks, but they can also be used to access our personal information and use it for malicious purposes, such as identity theft, financial fraud, online harassment, etc.

More than ever, the training of your teams is essential to thwart the traps of hackers. In order to maintain maximum vigilance, phishing simulation tools have emerged. More and more organizations are opting for “continuous” phishing simulation in order to maintain maximum vigilance of their employees at all times.

MS Solutions advice: Choose a continuous phishing simulation platform such as Vigilance. This way, you can personalize the emails you send to your employees so that they seem as real as life!


The data


Bill 25 on everyone’s lips

Like the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) applied in Europe since 2016, Quebec has implemented Bill 25 for the protection of confidential data.

Bill 25 governs the protection of personal and confidential information and organizations must ensure that they handle the personal information of their customers and employees responsibly and in accordance with the regulations in force under Bill 25 in Québec.

The arrival of this law implies a good number of adaptations on the part of organizations to comply. For this reason, the requirements come in 3 stages.

In 2023, organizations are likely to put in place strict policies and procedures to manage the personal information of their customers and employees responsibly and in accordance with applicable regulations. This can be particularly important for organizations that collect and process sensitive data, such as health data or financial data.

It is important to note that privacy compliance is an ever-changing issue and it is important for organizations to stay informed of and comply with regulatory changes.

To learn more about Bill 25 and cybersecurity, read our article: Bill 25 and cybersecurity: are you ready?

Data at the heart of business processes  

Collecting and analyzing data is increasingly important for organizations to make informed decisions.

Data can be collected from many sources, such as online transactions, customer interactions on social media… Once collected, this data can be analyzed to reveal valuable trends that can help organizations to make informed decisions.

In 2023, organizations are likely to place great importance on managing their data and invest in quality data management tools. These tools can help organizations efficiently collect, save and analyze their data, which can enable them to make informed decisions and become more competitive.

It is important to note that data management also involves the protection of this data. In 2023, organizations are likely to put in place strict policies and procedures to protect their data and ensure the security of their assets.

Check out our blog post The power of business intelligence at the service of your organization.

Artificial intelligence is democratizing 

In 2023, artificial intelligence is becoming more and more democratized for organizations. This means that more organizations of all sizes have access to AI tools and technologies, making them more competitive and efficient.

For Microsoft users, you already get sophisticated features from AI. We will remember, for example, the automatic response suggestions in Teams, or your Microsoft Viva which will come to analyze and advise you on your work weeks.

Microsoft’s investments will continue in this direction to provide its users with even more artificial intelligence in their daily lives. Thus, several repetitive tasks will no longer exist, you will be able to increase your productivity considerably.

It would be difficult to talk about artificial intelligence, without mentioning the one that has been the most talked about in recent weeks: ChatGPT  from Open AI. With no less than 1 million users in just 5 days, it goes without saying that this figure shows how much artificial intelligence has become more democratic. Many professionals have found it useful for their daily tasks.


In short

In conclusion, 2023 will be marked by several technological challenges and opportunities.
As for several years now, cybersecurity should be a priority for all organizations. Indeed, the number of cyberattacks is increasing, which is why we strongly advise organizations to take the situation in hand by training and raising awareness among their people.
Law 25 also reinforces this need to address your cybersecurity to secure the data you collect; in addition to the requirements required by the law itself in terms of regulations.

As you will have understood, the challenges are great in terms of IT and anticipation remains your best weapon to face them.

On the other hand, technology also improves your daily life by being more and more efficient. Indeed, business intelligence and artificial intelligence are becoming more democratic. This is why organizations have every interest in becoming familiar with these new technologies in order to improve their productivity and remain competitive.

In other words, technology also comes with its share of new features that will certainly make your daily life easier, provided you are ready to use it!

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