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New features from M365: our favorites!

Nouveautés de M365

On the occasion of its last Microsoft Ignite conference, a hundred new features were unveiled to us by Microsoft! The motto: “Do more with less thanks to cloud computing”. For the occasion, Microsoft has decided to go further on themes that we have heard a lot about in recent years, namely: hybrid work, business intelligence and automation. On the other hand, Microsoft is also making efforts on future topics such as the metaverse.

Through this article we have made a compilation of these new features in order to present our favorites to you.


Office becomes Microsoft 365     

New name and new look for Office! In order to standardize and simplify the brand image, Microsoft has decided to group all its applications under the same entity: Microsoft 365.
Concretely, what does it change? 

  • Office.com becomes Microsoft365.com.
  • The Office app for Windows 10 and 11 will become the Microsoft 365 app.
  • The Office for mobile app will become the Microsoft 365 app.

Microsoft Places

80% of workers believe they are just as or more productive from remote or hybrid work. (Work Trend Index par Microsoft, 2022) 


Mesh Avatars     

50% of Gen Z and Millennials plan to work in the metaverse in the next two years. (Work Trend Index par Microsoft, 2022) 

In order to keep pace with this reality, Microsoft is starting to use avatars. Thus, you can shape your avatar in your image and then use it for the days when you do not want to present your face to the camera. Your interlocutors will then see your avatar which will follow your movements and reactions in real time.

New Teams  

Suffice to say that Microsoft is completely invested in terms of innovations on Teams!

Microsoft Teams has a new interface with new channels.
On Teams premium you now have access to meeting templates and an automatic report of your meeting that uses artificial intelligence to highlight the highlights of the meeting.

You can also schedule a message, and benefit from suggested replies to avoid having to type your messages, which can save a lot of time at times!

Now message scheduling is no longer limited to your holidays on Outlook, you can also schedule a message in Teams to be sent at a certain time to one or more of your contacts.

What’s new in Outlook

Did you like the “reaction” system in Teams? Microsoft added it to Outlook. Now you can react to your emails with a thumbs-up, a heart, an angry man… just like you would an instant message. No need to overload the inbox of your interlocutors to let them know that you have received their message.

In short

As you have seen through this article, Microsoft 365 has worked hard to simplify and further optimize your daily life.

Although all these new features have been unveiled, some of these features may not have arrived at your home yet. Patience, it shouldn’t take long!

If you want to go further with these tools, know that we offer training for the Microsoft 365 suite live. Do not hesitate to contact our team for more information on our training courses.

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