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ISO 27001 compliance support

MS Solutions' ISO 27001 compliance coaching is a complete solution to help you obtain your ISO 27001 certification from an accreditation body.


Why ISO 27001 is crucial

ISO 27011 is a recognized international standard that defines best practices for information security management in IT-related organizations.
It aims to guarantee the confidentiality, integrity and availability of critical data, as well as business continuity.

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Our 4-step supportūü§Ě

Our experts will guide you through 4 methodical steps to ensure that you have all the keys in hand to obtain your ISO 27001 certification.

  • Phase 1: Analysis of existing situation
  • Phase 2: Gap analysis
  • Phase 1: Drawing up an action plan and designing the ISMS
  • Phase 2: Documentation development
  • Phase 3: Training and awareness-raising
  • Phase 4: Implementation of the ISMS
  • Phase 5: Verification of ISMS implementation
  • Phase 1: Security review of technical environments
  • Phase 2: Assistance in implementing recommendations

Did you know that…

ISO 27001-certified organizations can reduce their cybersecurity costs by 20 to 30%.

Source: PwC, 2022

Our Commitment

Our team of certified cybersecurity professionals will work with you to implement and maintain the IT security solution that meets your needs.

Bernard Després

Security and Audit Practice Manager

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