Penetration testing and vulnerability identification
Simulate an attack against your IT department in a controlled environment with a penetration test. Identify vulnerabilities and fix problems with our cybersecurity experts.
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Penetration testing: work with our team of experts

A customized penetration test will be conducted according to your company’s specific needs, by MS Solutions cybersecurity experts. Address threats and ensure the protection of your data at all times by having your vulnerabilities managed and identified by an external expert. Demonstrate to your customers, suppliers, business partners and even your insurance company that your IT network is secure and trustworthy.

Did you know that …

45% of Canadian organizations performed penetration testing in 2020 to prevent future cyberattacks.

Source: Cira

Why perform a penetration test?

Hackers have an excellent understanding of the vulnerabilities present in each technology. This is also the case for our MS Solutions penetration test specialists, who can:

When to perform a penetration test?

Most companies wait until they suspect a cyberattack to conduct a penetration test. We recommend conducting a penetration test at a more strategic time.

How to perform a penetration test in 3 steps:

1- The Audit 

Our penetration testing team will advise you on the type of penetration testing needed for your business. Based on your overall security status, our experts will be able to detect the elements that require immediate attention.  

2- The penetration test 

We will test the security level of your company’s computer networks in order to identify system vulnerabilities. Several types of penetration tests can be performed: internal, external,application, physic, wireless, cloud, SaaS, etc.…  

3- The report 

A detailed report will be provided to you in order to inform you of the flaws that need to be corrected, and to provide you with solutions to fix these vulnerabilities. We will make concrete recommendations to reinforce your security measures. 

Our penetration testing services

Penetration testing for your external network

Make sure that your company’s sensitive data is safe from a possible breach that could be exploited externally by hackers. By simulating an attack against your IT services in a controlled environment, through an external penetration test, our cybersecurity experts can identify vulnerabilities and plan the corrective measures to provide you with an even more secure environment.

Penetration test for your internal network

Nearly 80% of intrusions come from inside your company’s network. It is essential to ensure the security of your internal data. An internal penetration test simulates an attack from an employee or a malicious partner in order to identify existing vulnerabilities. Our cybersecurity experts will then be able to assist you in correcting problems.

SaaS penetration testing

With the evolution of the use of web applications to manage critical information, security breaches are increasing as a result of ordinary use. This type of security breach becomes more and more important for companies when many web applications are interconnected using APIs. Without realizing it, the security of critical business data is at risk. Regardless of the SaaS (Software as a Service) used within your company, MS Solutions can identify vulnerabilities and help you fix them.

Cloud penetration testing

With the increase in working from home, the use of cloud infrastructure is growing. However, the use of cloud services can potentially create security vulnerabilities within your organization. It is therefore important to verify the security of all your cloud platforms. You can rely on our cybersecurity expertise to provide you with the right solutions for your business, regardless of your service provider. We have extensive experience with cloud providers such as Microsoft Azure, Microsoft 365, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud.

Penetration testing for industrial grade
network systems

With the digital transformation of businesses, there are more and more interconnections and technologies that create opportunities for hackers. It is therefore important to ensure that your company’s sensitive data is safe from a potential data breach. Respond to threats and ensure the protection of your data stored on servers, by having your vulnerabilities managed and identified by an outside expert.

Penetration testing for websites and web applications

Websites and applications are more and more integrated with modules, extensions, and connected through APIs, and all this complexity makes websites and applications more vulnerable. By performing a penetration test for websites and web applications, you ensure the security of the sensitive data accessible on these platforms.

AWS penetration testing

AWS cloud services have contributed to the complexity of corporate environments. It is increasingly important to challenge existing AWS security measures to immediately identify potential problems. By performing a penetration test on your AWS cloud service, you will be able to better respond to threats and ensure the protection of your data stored there.

Microsoft 365 penetration test

The Microsoft 365 ecosystem is a set of applications that are primarily in the cloud. These Microsoft 365 applications contain sensitive data circulating between multiple parties. The main issues that put an organization at risk are: overly permissive access and sharing settings, under-utilization of authentication mechanisms, under-utilization of compliance features and data classification. It is therefore essential to prevent any risk of losing sensitive data, and to strengthen security with a Microsoft 365 penetration test.

Google Cloud penetration testing

Google Cloud environments can be compromised in a range of ways, and misconfigurations can leave your cloud vulnerable. Both malicious outsiders and your internal employees are potential risks to consider. That’s why it’s important to regularly monitor your security strength, so you can discover security holes in your Google Cloud environment and apply concrete solutions to address them. 

Microsoft Azure penetration test

Microsoft Azure allows companies of all sizes to deploy and manage their own applications and services. Within these applications is a large amount of sensitive data, which is at risk. Even if Microsoft Azure is known to be highly secure, the risks are not to be minimized. This is why it is essential to perform a Microsoft Azure penetration test periodically to avoid the risk of data loss.

Our Commitment

Our team of certified cybersecurity professionals will work with you to implement and maintain the IT security solution that meets your needs.

Bernard Després

Security and Audit Practice Manager

The benefits of penetration testing for
your company

By performing a penetration test, our cybersecurity experts position themselves as malicious persons willing to attack your company’s IT services. The main goals of a penetration test are:

  • To test the security level of your company’s computer networks.
  • To identify the flaws in your systems that could be exploited to steal your data.
  • To see if your confidential data is properly protected.

At the end of the test, a detailed report will be given to you, detailing the flaws to be corrected, and the appropriate solutions to correct these vulnerabilities.

Our goal is to give you an accurate picture of the risks to which your company is exposed. By dealing with the cybersecurity experts at MS Solutions, you will obtain a eliable and impartial opinion. . Moreover, by calculating the probability of a cyberattack against your organization, you will be able to predict the possible financial and reputational impacts. The appropriate actions can then be planned.

A company firmly established in Quebec

MS Solutions relies on a team of over 75 IT professionals. The company is experiencing sustained growth and is considered a leading player in the IT industry in Quebec. We are proud to be in business for over 30 years!

Exceptional expertise in cybersecurity

Our penetration testing team will advise you on the type of penetration testing or cybersecurity audits required for your company. Rest assured that our specialists will offer you a service adapted to the specific needs of your organization.

Advanced expertise in penetration testing

Penetration testing projects are overseen by Bernard Després, Director of the security and audit practice, certified CISA (Certified Information Systems Auditor) and CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional), with over 20 years of experience in IT consulting.

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