White paper: Copilot for Microsoft 365,
the optimal adoption journey

Support for the adoption of Copilot for M365

To ensure the successful integration of Copilot for Microsoft 365 into your organization while ensuring your internal security, our specialized support service at MS Solutions offers you a smooth and secure adoption.

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Why help you adopt Copilot for M365?

The arrival of Copilot for M365 within your organization will allow you to maximize your productivity. However, it is not just a simple license, it is an entire ecosystem that is activated.
For this reason, support for its adoption is ideal!
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Support from experts for the adoption of Copilot in your organization offers several advantages

Our support service for the adoption of Copilot aims above all to strengthen your internal security. Although the arrival of Copilot offers significant advantages by integrating artificial intelligence into your daily applications, it is crucial to adequately prepare your environments to avoid any exposure of confidential data.

The stages of our support for the adoption of Copilot for Microsoft 365

Our experts have designed support in 7 specific steps to ensure that the deployment of Copilot for Microsoft 365 within your organization is done in complete security.

This step aims to check whether the organization meets the necessary prerequisites for installing Copilot in its environment, while carrying out a preliminary analysis. We will produce a report identifying potential high-level issues in the environment, which will be addressed later in the adoption process.

This step constitutes a workshop aimed at verifying the access granted to the various groups in the Microsoft 365 environment, identified as holding sensitive data. We will address permissions challenges and conduct an audit of the governance currently in place.

This step allows us to carry out a diagnosis of the potential issues and risks by carrying out a simulation using a tool which consists of protecting and managing your data in a complete and simple manner. This simulation will give you visibility into your organization’s sensitive data and access to it, thereby identifying potential problematic situations.

This step marks the first meeting with the previously identified pilot group. We will introduce a testing process to be documented by the various stakeholders.

This step aims to adjust operational parameters based on the findings of the pilot group, ensuring an optimal environment for deployment to new user groups.

This step consists of supporting the planning of your next waves of licenses for identified users.

This step involves reviewing the deployment within your environment and evaluating the use of Copilot. We will explore solutions for optimal adoption within your organization.

Our Commitment

We are experts who accelerate the use of Microsoft 365 ecosystem technologies by your people through tailor-made support and the application of best practices.

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