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Secure MSCloud
Power your business with Secure MSCloud from MS Solutions, a 100% Quebec-based cloud.
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A fully managed cloud service with Secure MSCloud

MS Solutions’ cloud solutions are tailored to your business. They allow you to let go of managing your servers and desktops, so you can focus on innovation and growth within your organization. Our cloud solutions are an excellent alternative to the major players in the business cloud.

Did you know that…

48% of businesses have moved to the cloud to back up their most important data, according to Cloud Computing.


Make it easy to manage your environment

With MS Solutions’ cloud service, your applications will be faster and your teams will gain performance. This solution allows you to focus on your business issues, while letting our support team manage your environment.

A cloud solution adapted to the hybrid work context

With Secure MSCloud, get a virtual desktop that allows you to connect to a remote device and access your files from anywhere. Consolidate all your applications in one place, so you can access them anytime, anywhere.

Protect your business data

Enhance your data protection by using our triple replication and dual multi-site backup solution.

Seamless and flexible cloud implementation

Upgrade to a cloud solution from MS Solutions with no downtime. Then scale your cloud services as your business needs change.

An easy-to-implement and flexible cloud solution

Secure MSCloud guarantees 99.9% uptime

Seamless, uninterrupted migration to the cloud

MS Solutions’ cloud services allow you to move to the cloud efficiently and without hassle. Our team has completed hundreds of migrations to date, and can take your entire IT services and move them to the cloud seamlessly for your team. The migration to our cloud services is done without any downtime for your business.

Flexible, high-performance cloud solutions

With our custom solutions, you can scale your cloud resources as your business needs change. This allows you to focus on the challenges of growth and innovation. If needed, you can increase or decrease the capacity of your cloud systems with a simple request to our customer support team.

Cloud solutions to significantly increase your team's productivity

MS Solutions’ cloud solutions significantly increase your team’s productivity with the superior performance of the cloud. With Secure MSCloud, your current applications will become faster. You’ll also be able to access them from a phone, tablet or computer of your choice, no matter where you are. Our cloud solutions work on Mac, PC, IOS or Android.

Our engagement

Our cloud solutions are at the cutting edge of technology and security, among the best on the market. Whether your need is in a private or public cloud, we have the experienced resources to advise and support you.

Jason Grant

Director of Cloud Infrastructure

Secure MSCloud: a reliable and secure Quebec cloud service

Every element of our cloud infrastructure has redundancy. This means you can enjoy exceptional reliability with guaranteed uptime. With our high infrastructure quality and backup strategies, you can focus on your sales and operations. IT outages will no longer be a problem.

The security of our customers’ data is a priority at MS Solutions. A set of measures has been put in place to maintain the highest level of security, , here they are :

  • Tier III data centers,
  • ISO/IEC 27001:2022, SOC 2 and PCI DSS certified
    24/7 security guards and cameras
  • 24/7 infrastructure monitoring
  • Minimum N+2 redundancy model
  • Triple replication at the hyperconverged storage level
  • Multi-site backups with 45-day retention (21-day
  • Immutability/AirGap)
  • NOC Team Managed
  • Firewall (Open Port Request Filtering)
  • Unified threat management (Geolocation, Intrusion prevention, DNS/URL filtering by reputation, Anti-malware and anti-botnet control)
  • MFA for Remote Desktop Services Server Farms
  • Tool for analyzing vulnerabilities and external penetration (Surface Attack). With automatic monthly report or on request.

With our cloud services, you benefit from exceptional expertise in computer security, in addition to advanced security management and protection against threats for all your cloud workloads.

MS Solutions’ cloud system operates from four data centers in Quebec. MS Solutions can be a real alternative to the major cloud businesses. Rest assured that your data will remain in Quebec, in secure and reliable data centers.

Choosing a 100% cloud or hybrid solution

A cloud solution tailored to your business

Every business is unique. In some cases, being 100% cloud-based is advantageous. In other cases, a hybrid cloud solution is better. And sometimes you'll need a combination of private and public cloud. Our cloud services experts can advise you on solutions tailored to your reality and needs. Whether it's physical infrastructure, private cloud or Microsoft Azure, our infrastructure consultants will guide you to the best solution for you.

“67% of businesses use or plan to deploy a hybrid cloud in the future" 2018 Microsoft study.

Experts with experience to advise you

Depending on your goals and criteria (application criticality, redundancy, centralization, mobile access to data, or streamlining), our experts are best positioned to advise you. You can talk to one of them without further delay.

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A company firmly established in Quebec.

Maxime Dion

MS Solutions relies on a team of over 75 IT professionals. The company is experiencing sustained growth and is considered the most trusted technological partner of SMEs in Quebec. We are proud to have been in business for over 30 years.

Exceptional expertise in cloud services

MS Solutions delivers cloud migrations for all types of businesses. Let go of managing your physical servers and desktops, so you can focus on innovation and growth.

Multiple infrastructure solutions

We offer you a one-stop shop of cloud services, which we will tailor to your needs. Physical infrastructure, co-location, private cloud and public cloud solutions with Microsoft Azure – there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution, only a solution tailored to your needs.

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