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How to integrate Copilot for Microsoft 365 into your business

The year 2024 marks the start of an exciting era with the long-awaited arrival of Microsoft Copilot. This revolutionary artificial intelligence, integrated into our daily tools, arouses widespread enthusiasm in technology and innovation circles. Indeed, Copilot promises to transform the way we work, create and collaborate. Its considerable potential to improve productivity and stimulate creativity is already evident.

However, to make this promise a reality and successfully deploy Copilot within your company, a strategic and methodical approach is required.
In this article, we will guide you through the essential steps to prepare, deploy and optimize the use of Copilot within your Microsoft 365 environment. After exploring in detail what Copilot has to offer, we will tackle the crucial preparation phase upon its arrival, then we will focus on the actions to take after its deployment to get the most out of it.

Copilot overview 

In this inaugural section dedicated to the presentation of Copilot, we dive into the heart of this technological revolution which tickles our curiosity and fuels our great expectations. With Copilot, artificial intelligence perfectly integrated into our everyday Microsoft tools, we are at the dawn of a new era in our professional and collaborative practices.

However, the panorama of variations of Copilot can seem like a complex maze to untangle. Between the different versions, each offering its specific features and targeting distinct audiences, clarity can sometimes elude us. But rest assured, we are here to dispel the mists of uncertainty. During this first part, we will guide you through the twists and turns of Copilot, detailing precisely the different offers, their respective advantages, and the ways to access these exceptional tools. Prepare for a captivating exploration into the world of Copilot.

Copilot, what is it?  

Copilot is a smart assistant based on artificial intelligence (AI) from Microsoft. It uses the same language model as ChatGPT, the conversational agent from the young company OpenAI. Copilot is integrated into all Microsoft apps and experiences, including Microsoft 365, Windows 11, Edge, and Bing. He is able to understand and answer your questions, whether written or spoken. In addition, thanks to the integration of DALL-E, another OpenAI tool, Copilot can also generate images according to your criteria.

The different versions of Copilot 

Copilot :  

Copilot is an intelligent assistant that helps you find answers and inspiration across the web, promotes creativity and collaboration, and helps you focus on the task at hand. 
It is accessible free of charge via the following link:

Copilot dans Bing :

Microsoft Bing is Microsoft’s search engine. When you are in your search engine, you can find in the sidebar access to Copilot. You can ask complex questions, find comprehensive answers, get summarized information and find inspiration.  

Copilot dans Edge :  

Edge is a browser, just like Chrome, Safari or Firefox, to name only the best known.  

The Copilot integration with Edge allows you to perform searches and find answers related to the page you are viewing and/or in your work environment, depending on the tab selected. 

To access it, simply log in to Microsoft Edge and select the Copilot icon in the browser sidebar.  

Copilot pro :

Copilot Pro is a premium version of Copilot that offers advanced features. It provides a unified AI experience that works across all your devices and provides access to Copilot in Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, and OneNote on PC, Mac, iPad for Microsoft 365 Home and Home subscribers. It is not linked to your professional environment. 

  • Price : 27$ CAD per user / month
  • Prerequisites  : A Microsoft 365 Personal or Family subscription 

Copilot for Microsoft 365 :  

Microsoft Copilot for Microsoft 365 is designed specifically for organizations, providing tight integration with apps in your M365 environment, as well as additional integration with Teams and Microsoft Graph. Equipped with enterprise-grade data protection features, it also offers the possibility of customization thanks to Copilot Studio. 

  • Price: 40,70$ CAD per user / month – annual subscription only available at the moment (1 installment).
  • Prerequisites
    • Hold one of the following licenses: Microsoft 365E5 , Microsoft 365 E3 , Office 365 E3 , Office 365 E5 , Microsoft 365 A5 for teachers , Microsoft 365 A3 for teachers , Office 365 A5 for teachers , Office 365 A3 for teachers , Microsoft 365 Business Standard , Microsoft 365 Business Premium. 
    • As well as the following operating systems: Windows 10 or 11.

Microsoft Copilot for sales 

Microsoft Copilot for Sales is a version of Copilot designed specifically for salespeople, optimizing their efficiency and performance. 

  • Price: 40,70$ CAD
    or 20$ CAD per user / month, if you already have a Copilot license for Microsoft 365
    or 30$ CAD per user / month, if you already have a Dynamics 365 Sales Premium license
  • Prerequisites: Hold one of the following licenses: Microsoft 365 E3, E5, Business Standard, Business Premium or Office 365 E3 or E5. 

Microsoft Copilot Studio 

Microsoft Copilot Studio is a low-code development platform that allows organizations to create and customize Copilots to meet their specific needs.

  • Price: 271$ CAD per user / month
  • Prerequisites: Power Virtual Agent (PVA) License

Although Copilot is available in various flavors, this white paper primarily focuses on Copilot for Microsoft 365. This integrated version of Copilot is specifically designed to optimize work processes within the Microsoft ecosystem, providing perfect synergy with applications such as Teams, Word, Outlook, PowerPoint and Excel. Building on the features and integration provided by Microsoft 365, Copilot for Microsoft 365 provides advanced tools and features to boost productivity, amplify creativity, and ensure enhanced data security. 

In the specific context of Microsoft 365, Copilot transcends the simple status of an artificial intelligence tool. It truly revolutionizes the way we approach our work within this ecosystem. Packed with built-in features, Copilot for Microsoft 365 goes beyond expectations by boosting productivity, amplifying creativity, while ensuring trusted security for our sensitive data.  

Benefits of Copilot for Microsoft 365  

Increased productivity

With Copilot for Microsoft 365, you can focus on what matters most. Benefit from cross-application intelligence that adapts seamlessly to your data, allowing you to get to grips with essential features faster. Easily follow discussions and suggested actions in real time, optimizing your work process. Plus, with built-in coaching tips, you can create impactful customer communications and deliver effective customer service. More concretely :

  • Ask for a summary of long email exchanges
  • Write articles, job postings, speeches, internal directives, etc.
  • Obtain a summary of follow-up actions following a meeting 

Amplified creativity 

Unleash your creativity with Copilot for Microsoft 365. Collaborate effectively to write, edit, and summarize content, from sales offers to compelling multimedia presentations. Analyze and explore data to create professional visual assets and project trackers, allowing you to think and innovate faster.
More concretely :

  • Ask to write texts with a humorous, casual or professional flavor
  • Create graphics and animations in your presentations
  • Generate images to integrate into your documents in just a few clicks

Trusted Security

Copilot inherits the security, compliance, and privacy policies defined in Microsoft 365, giving you full control over your data. Your information remains secure in its dedicated partition and is never used for training purposes. You can securely access precise and relevant answers, adapted to your company and your professional context.

Seamless integration 

Seamlessly integrated into your daily Microsoft 365 applications, Copilot supports you in all your tasks. In Microsoft Teams, follow discussions in real time and produce instant summaries. In Word, create, edit and summarize your documents with ease. In Outlook, empty your inbox and write replies in just minutes. In PowerPoint, turn your ideas into impactful presentations, while in Excel, analyze and visualize your data with unrivalled expertise. 

Copilot in Microsoft 365 truly transforms the way you work, saving you time, increasing productivity, and sparking creativity. According to users who have tested it, 77% can no longer do without it, while 70% say they have increased their productivity and 68% have seen an improvement in the quality of their work since using Copilot for Microsoft 365. (Source Microsoft) 

With these telling numbers, it is clear that Copilot is essential for any organization looking to optimize efficiency and innovation in the Microsoft 365 environment. 

Preparing for the arrival of Copilot for Microsoft 365 

You have made the bold decision to integrate Copilot into the heart of your infrastructure, aiming to propel your company’s productivity to unprecedented heights. In this crucial preparatory phase, we dive deep into the preparations needed before the deployment of Copilot, which we refer to as “Preparing for Copilot Arrival”. 

This strategic step encompasses essential elements such as carefully assessing your Microsoft 365 environment, detailed review of existing security groups, as well as setting up a dedicated testing group to rigorously evaluate performance and functionality of Copilot in your specific context. These preparations form the foundation upon which the successful deployment of Copilot rests, ensuring its seamless integration into your existing workflows. 

We provide you, below, with the MS Solutions recipe for a preparation of small onions in 7 steps  

1- Validation of prerequisites and preliminary analysis of the environment  

This step aims to check whether the organization meets the necessary prerequisites for installing Copilot in its environment, while carrying out a preliminary analysis. We will produce a report identifying potential high-level issues in the environment, which will be addressed later in the adoption process. 

2- Review of access and security settings 

This step constitutes a workshop aimed at verifying the access granted to the various groups in the Microsoft 365 environment, identified as holding sensitive data. We will address permissions challenges and conduct an audit of the governance currently in place.  

3- Diagnosis of potential issues and risks. Preparing for deployment 

This step allows us to carry out a diagnosis of the potential issues and risks by carrying out a simulation using a tool which consists of protecting and managing your data in a complete and simple manner. This simulation will give you visibility into your organization’s sensitive data and access to it, thereby identifying potential problematic situations.

4- Deployment to the pilot group and Documentation of the pilot phase  

This stage marks the first meeting with the previously identified pilot group. We will introduce a testing process to be documented by the various stakeholders.

5- Adjusting operating parameters 

This step aims to adjust operational parameters based on the findings of the pilot group, ensuring an optimal environment for deployment to new user groups.   

6- Deployment in waves to targeted groups 

This step consists of supporting the planning of your next waves of licenses for identified users.

7- Assessment of deployment and use

This step involves reviewing the deployment within your environment and evaluating the use of Copilot. We will explore solutions for optimal adoption within your organization. 

Managing this phase of the process, although delicate and sometimes tedious, is essential to ensure the security and effectiveness of the integration of Copilot into your Microsoft environment 365. 

If you are looking for expert support throughout this journey, our specialists are here to offer you adoption support, ensuring a smooth and successful transition to optimal use of Copilot for Microsoft 365. 

After deploying Copilot for Microsoft 365

In this post-deployment phase, the focus on continually optimizing the use of Copilot is of paramount importance, as this tool represents a significant investment for your organization. It is imperative that users master Copilot effectively in order to fully exploit its features.  

To achieve this, various measures can be put in place, such as interactive training sessions, carefully developed online tutorials, comprehensive user guides, as well as ongoing technical support. 

Additionally, a thorough analysis of Copilot usage is essential to spot emerging trends, identify potential challenges, and seize opportunities for improvement. This approach may involve the use of powerful analysis tools to closely monitor the adoption of Copilot, to determine the areas where its use is optimal and those requiring optimization, while implementing appropriate corrective measures to resolve the identified issues. 

Finally, continuous optimization is an evolving process aimed at fully exploiting the potential of Copilot and maintaining its long-term relevance within your work environment. This may include regular updates to Copilot, intended to enrich its feature set, improve existing ones and proactively anticipate any issues that may arise. 

In summary, the post-deployment phase is of paramount importance, requiring constant vigilance and sustained commitment to ensure that Copilot remains an invaluable asset to your organization, while optimizing its investment. 

In short

In conclusion, the journey through the world of Copilot for Microsoft 365 has proven to be a fascinating exploration of the potential offered by this innovative technology. Thus, whether in its initial presentation, in the key stages before or after its implementation, Copilot for Microsoft 365 proves to be much more than a simple tool: it is a trusted partner in the incessant quest for efficiency and success within your organization. With Copilot at your side, the future of productivity in the Microsoft 365 ecosystem looks as bright as it is exciting.

Can we help you

To maximize the success of your Copilot adoption, we are here to support you every step of the way. As suppliers of Microsoft products, recognized experts in the Microsoft 365 environment and cybersecurity, we are perfectly positioned to offer you an unrivaled turnkey experience.

We not only offer you access to Copilot licenses, but also an adoption support, ensuring smooth and efficient integration of Copilot into your existing infrastructure, while minimizing your risks. Our qualified specialists are committed to ensuring that every aspect of the implementation is carefully orchestrated to meet your specific needs, ensuring the success of your project.

In addition, our user training ensures that you get to grips with Copilot optimally. Our interactive training sessions and well-developed educational resources will allow you to quickly master Copilot features, maximizing your productivity from day one.

With our expertise and commitment at your side, you will be perfectly equipped and supported to make this digital shift a resounding success. Trust our team to turn your ambitions into reality, and together, let’s bring to life a new era of productivity and efficiency within your organization.

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