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Advanced SharePoint training: for whom, for what 

If you’ve adopted Microsoft 365, you should have one or more SharePoint superuser(s). These people generally hold all the keys to optimizing the productivity of your teams and collaboration within your organization, while owning one or more SharePoint sites. The challenge for your super users is to fully understand all the ramifications of SharePoint in the Microsoft 365 environment. 

Without further ado, let’s take a look through this article at the different facets of advanced SharePoint training to determine if it could meet your needs. 

Who is advanced SharePoint training for? 

Any organization wishing to take a digital turn and structure its internal environment should invest in adequate tools to monitor its progress and be able to structure itself. To do this, many companies are turning to Microsoft 365 to benefit from powerful and efficient tools dedicated to collaboration. Thus, these companies have at their disposal a SharePoint environment that is just waiting to be shaped according to the needs of the organization. 

To set up and manage the SharePoint environment, it is generally recommended that there be 1 to 2 people per department. The goal is for each department to have at least one person who has the skills to bring their SharePoint to life. 

MS Solutions’ advice: In order to guarantee business continuity, we recommend that all our customers have 2 people follow the training per department in the event that one of them should leave the workforce, be absent Or other.  

Why take Advanced SharePoint Training 

Advanced SharePoint training, also called SharePoint training for administrators and developers, allows you to acquire both the theoretical notions of a SharePoint environment, and also the practical component and the support that this implies. 

Depending on the teams, the documentary needs may vary. The aim is to simplify access to documents for those who need them, while guaranteeing security. 

With this intention, the training will be an aid to reflection on what is already in place in the organization, and also explains how the ecosystem works in complete autonomy. 

The typical training path   

As mentioned above, to be relevant, a SharePoint training must include a theoretical part and an application part. 

Our SharePoint training for administrators and developers is divided into 5 main modules as follows: 

Training Sharepoint modules

For the theoretical part, we lay the foundations by explaining the main concepts of SharePoint, the particularities and functionalities. 

For the application part, we reflect together on how to build your environment with precision so that it reflects your structure while sharing with you the best IT practices so that you have all the keys in hand for an optimized SharePoint!  

In short 

To be effective while being secure, the structure and privacy policies of your SharePoint environment must be carefully considered. 

As your organization evolves, it is essential to have internal resources who are able to understand the workings and particularities of your SharePoint environment in order to be able to evolve it so that it is always relevant for your organization. 

For this reason, advanced SharePoint training is ideal for training your resource people so that you have the autonomy required to bring your tools to life and make them sustainable!     

If you would like to learn more about the SharePoint administrator or developers training offered by MS Solutions, contact our experts to discuss your needs and concerns. 

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