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What is Microsoft OneDrive?

Microsoft OneDrive is online storage integrated with Microsoft 365. It allows you to save files (documents, videos, photos) in the cloud, open them, modify them, and share them from any of your devices. Microsoft OneDrive acts as a hard drive, it is possible to add any type of documents to it in order to access them wherever you are. For all these reasons, Microsoft OneDrive simplifies sharing and collaboration.


To use Microsoft OneDrive, you must have a Microsoft account. It is accessible on all types of connected devices (computer, touchscreen tablet, cell phone). To connect to Microsoft OneDrive, several solutions are available to you:

  • Via your browser
  • Via the app launcher when logged in to the Office 365 interface
  • Via theOneDrive applicationdownloadable on PC or MAC.
  • Via the OneDrive mobile application downloadable fromGoogle Play or on theApp Store


OneDrive is a cloud system offered by Microsoft that allows you to save your files online (up to 5GB available with the free version). Backing up your data to the Cloud allows you to avoid the use of physical hard drives which can fail and cause you to lose all your data.

Additionally, the security of Microsoft OneDrive is guaranteed by Microsoft. However, the importance of choosing your password to protect your files adequately. Consult our article to know the 3 golden rules for choosing a secure password.

However, it is important to note that data backup is no longer included and you should opt for a backup solution for Microsoft 365 for better replication of your content.


Beyond storage, Microsoft OneDrive is also a great sharing and collaboration tool.

Indeed, it allows you to share your files via a sharing link or an email sent to one or more people of your choice. You can also decide how much permission you want to give the recipient: view, edit, or leave comments on the document.

To read a shared document or file, your recipient does not need to sign in to their Microsoft account. Once provided with the link to your file, your recipients will be able to modify, add, rename and delete the file. Conversely, if you don’t allow changes, your recipients will still be able to view and download the document.

Sharing your files via Microsoft OneDrive avoids file transfer by attachment which can be slow to send for the sender, but also to download for the recipient. Beyond this comfort, favoring link sharing in favor of attachments allows you to keep a version history of the document and ensure traceability in the event of modification, for example.


Microsoft OneDrive allows you to work on a document simultaneously with another user.

There are two possibilities: working online, and offline work. If you are working on a computer connected to the internet, synchronization is done automatically on cloud files. If you lose your internet connection, you will not lose your files; All you have to do is wait for the internet connection to return and the synchronization will take place automatically.

From your computer, offline access is created automatically. You can add new documents or work on documents already open on the workstation. Synchronization takes place with the new internet connection.


If you open a file from the Microsoft 365 suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint or OneNote), it will open with an online version and not with the version installed on your computer. You can directly open it from Microsoft OneDrive without having to go through the application installed on your device. As mentioned above, your document, regardless of its format, can be viewed via different types of connected devices.

In short

You will have understood, Microsoft OneDrive is much more than a storage space. It is a real collaboration tool that allows you to gain in productivity, but also in security. Microsoft offers you a free version (up to 5GB of space), but also several packagesaccording to your needs in order to best meet the needs of individuals and businesses.

If you want to fully exploit your Microsoft 365 work environment to gain productivity, we invite you to consult our Microsoft 365 training.

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