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What is a “breach coach”   

In 2022, the possibilities for breaches are endless and can occur through multiple devices, through external networks… When it comes to cybersecurity, the most complex and crucial phase for your organization is remediating a cybersecurity incident. In order to deal with it, calling on a breach coach will ensure that you have a strategy imbued with expertise in the event of cyberattacks. To see more clearly, let’s define together what a breach coach is, his mission, and how he can support you.  

What is a breach coach   

We can consider a breach coach as an expert project manager in cyberattack. This person is often from a law firm and is connected to you usually as part of cybersecurity insurance coverage. 

The breach coach will act as a true conductor both in terms of preparation and in the event of remediation; depending on when we call on his expertise. 

He will work with your intervention team for the technical part related to security to control the damage caused. He will also take care of briefing your legal team for the legal aspect related to the leak of internal, but also external data. 

Finally, he can also support your communication team to guarantee the transparency of the organization to its stakeholders (customers, suppliers, etc.) while preserving the company’s reputation as much as possible.

The mission of the breach coach   

As you know, when it comes to cybersecurity, the risk has multiplied in recent years for all organizations. So much so that we no longer wonder “if” it will happen, but rather “when” it will happen. 

In this context, leaving place for the unexpected would be detrimental to your organization and calling on a breach coach will allow you to be better prepared for this future incident. 

The breach coach will thus determine the best action plan with the different teams in the event that the cyberattack impacts the company. The technical, legal and communication teams are thus coached to react effectively to the risks that hang over your organization. 

How a breach coach supports you  

The 48 hours following a cyberattack are crucial for the organization. If your teams are not prepared, the repercussions could be colossal for your company. 

The breach coach will put you in touch with the experts dedicated to the breach that has been opened. These experts will be able to determine the cause and consequences of the data breach within your organization. 

Following this investigation, depending on the extent of the damage, the support team will be able to assist you in your legal procedures in relation to the various scenarios encountered. 

Finally, the breach coach will help you manage your communication both internally and externally to minimize tarnishing the reputation of your organization while guaranteeing its transparency. 

In short 

As you will have understood, calling on a breach coach is ideal both in terms of preparation and remediation in the face of a cyberattack. The first 48 hours following an attack being crucial for your organization, being prepared is essential. The support of a breach coach in this process will ensure that you are surrounded by experts; but also to not neglect any sphere (technical, legal, communication) that could increase the toll of a cyberattack.  

Do not hesitate to discuss with our team for any question. 

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