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IT strategic plan
An IT strategic plan gives you a guideline with recommendations for your IT structure for the next three to five years. You will be able to understand your IT priorities for the short and medium term.
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IT strategic plan

With the completion of an IT strategic plan and a thorough analysis of your IT estate, you will gain a transparent view of the contribution of technology to your organization’s strategy, and a clear representation of IT priorities. Clearly define your IT operational targets and the digital transformation strategy best suited to support your future growth.

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Our MS Solutions experts recommend that you conduct an IT strategic plan to support your digital transformation.

Why create an IT strategic plan and entrust it to an external partner?

An IT strategic plan is a cost-effective investment that ensures that your IT decisions are aligned with your organization’s overall strategy. If you don’t have an IT master plan, you run the risk of having IT projects and infrastructure that don’t fit your organization’s needs.

Inclusions for an IT strategic plan :

Developing an IT strategic plan requires considerable effort and involves various stakeholders in your organization. The four main steps are as follows :

MS Solutions is committed to providing you with a detailed IT strategic plan, as well as tactical and strategic recommendations.

The process for an IT strategic plan :

The methodology that we recommend for the realization of your IT strategic plan is adapted to the size and reality of your organization. The four required phases (Audit, Analysis, Synthesis and Strategy) follow a structured and collaborative process, where MS Solutions’ specialist practitioners will interact with the key players targeted by your organization.

This phase allows for a complete assessment of the current situation, internal processes, information flows, as well as the various technologies used (network infrastructure, software applications and security parameters). The audit will also make a non-exhaustive inventory of the management procedures, as well as IT governance, in order to know the impact for the organization of the choices that will be proposed later.  

It is during this phase that the key players will be able to express their information needs, both current and in the medium term (three to five years). It is very important at this stage to be imaginative and not to reject any need a priori, even if it may seem impossible to meet it at this time. Our specialist practitioners will list these needs, identify them, classify them, prioritize them and estimate them.

This is the phase where integration of the information gathered previously will take place. Here, our specialist practitioners will highlight the gap between the current situation and the desired one, in order to determine plausible growth scenarios and to identify with the client the desired direction according to their interests and preferences. This is where the informational orientation of the coming years will be drawn, for each sector of activity of the company.

This is the final phase of the IT strategic plan mandate. Here, our specialist practitioners will exhaustively document all of the digital transformation orientations and methods chosen in phase 3. The document produced will be clear, detailed and eloquent. It can easily be used by the organization to orchestrate the changes required to reachtargeted goals. 

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