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Business intelligence with Power BI
Power BI democratizes business intelligence and makes it accessible to everyone through a suite of intuitive and affordable applications. You now have the power to make your data speak for itself and improve your business decisions, through more intelligent and user-friendly management indicators. The implementation of a business intelligence system paves the way for tomorrow's enterprise and will become a major competitive advantage.
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Business intelligence with Power BI

Business intelligence helps organizations synthesize and analyze all the data they collect, in order to benefit from detailed, robust information that allows them to make better decisions about their processes.

Did you know that …

By 2022, 1/3 of Forbes Global 2000 companies will have implemented actions to develop a data culture within their organization.

Source: IDC

1. What is business intelligence?

Your company has access to more and more information every day, through your customers, your products, your sales, your employees, your production, your competitors, and so on. It is necessary to put in place good practices and procedures in order to use this data, gleaned from various sources, and to centralize and organize it, so you can improve decision making within your company and gain productivity. Opting for business intelligence can provide you with a significant competitive advantage.  

Business intelligence is the science of gathering and analyzing data in order to make business decisions. The implementation of a business intelligence system requires several elements, including an understanding of the processes and systems used to collect data, as well as a synthesis tool – which is often illustrated in the form of a dashboard. 

2. The challenges of business intelligence

At MS Solutions, we are aware that the democratization of business intelligence does not come without challenges for companies:  

  • Your data must be of high quality in order to properly analyze it.   
  • It is necessary to have competent resources to implement business intelligence and set up dashboards
  • The definition of adequate governance is necessary for the management of the collected data.   
  • The use of business intelligence within an organization is a major cultural change that must be achieved without a hitch

3. Business intelligence with Power BI

Power BI is the business intelligence analysis solution developed by Microsoft that allows your company to benefit from a suite of analysis tools, which can be used on the data collected within your organization. This data can come from an Excel document or from your cloud. With the help of Microsoft’s Power BI, you will be able to gather, visualize and transform it easily.  

As a tool developed by Microsoft, Power BI integrates seamlessly with the various software in the Microsoft 365 suite. Dashboards built on Power BI can be easily shared on Microsoft Teams to improve team collaboration, but can also be integrated into Excel reports or PowerPoint presentations.   

4. Data security and business intelligence

When it comes to data, organizations are increasingly concerned about security. Power BI helps prevent data loss with its many protection systems. Microsoft offers world-class data security to help its users protect themselves from threats. Data security is also ensured when integrating Power BI with other Microsoft tools like Excel, Teams and PowerPoint.  

5. Proper implementation of business intelligence

The implementation of business intelligence in your company requires a clear and precise action plan. MS Solutions can assist you in the installation of Power BI, but also in the configuration of this business intelligence tool – whether it is with the connection of your data to the software, the creation of relationships between your different data sources, the transformation of this data with the help of the Power Query editor, or the implementation of dashboards. Thanks to our extensive expertise, MS Solutions can help you avoid the pitfalls related to the realization of such a strategic project for your company, and will accompany you along the different steps towards the implementation of a business intelligence culture.

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