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IT security in companies
With the advent of hybrid work, you need to make cybersecurity a top priority by finding solutions to protect your various access points, to ensure the security of your organization's data and that of your employees.
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Make sure you have effective protection against cyber threats

MS Solutions offers various protection solutions, such as Microsoft Defender for Microsoft 365, malware protection, and advanced DNS protection for businesses.

Microsoft Defender Anti-Virus and Cyber Threat Protection

Microsoft Defender for Microsoft 365 provides your organization with state-of-the-art security against the many risks of cyber threats. Microsoft Defender for Office 365 helps you to secure your organization, by providing a tool for prevention, detection, investigation; it also allows you to respond quickly to a threat.

Enhanced Malware Protection

Virus protection for business allows you to protect all your access points. It is through these that all your corporate data is accessible. This kind of malware protection prevents, detects and responds to various threats by combining behavioural analysis, machine learning and advanced detection techniques.

Advanced DNS Protection

DNS protection blocks requests to a malicious site before the connection can be made. This will prevent your network from being infected by phishing, ransomware, malware or any other virus that can impact the smooth running of your business. It is the first line of defense against existing threats on the Internet.

Our Commitment

Our team of certified cybersecurity professionals will work with you to implement and maintain the IT security solution that meets your needs.

Bernard Després

Security and Audit Practice Manager 

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