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Hybrid work is constantly evolving. Improve your productivity with our advanced solutions.
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Improve hybrid work in your organization. Learn about our advanced strategies for hybrid work.

Rapid technological change is taking hybrid work to a new level every day. MS Solutions offers advanced strategies for hybrid work, based on the latest technologies.

Outsource the management of your IT assets

With next-generation secure outsourcing, you can realize the benefits of an external partner for the day-to-day management of your IT assets while minimizing your risk of falling victim to a cyber-attack. Adapted to the new reality of telecommuting, Secure Managed Services allows you to focus on the most strategic technology issues for your organization, while laying the foundation to protect your organization from malicious hackers.

Ensure the continuity of your operations with a succession plan

No organization is safe from an interruption of its IT activity, whether due to a computer breakdown or a cyberattack. It has become essential to have a recovery plan in place to ensure continuity of operations. Disaster recovery using data replication is the ideal solution to avoid losing time in case of interruption to your IT services. 

Secure your data with advanced cybersecurity training

As hybrid work increases, so does the presence of cyber threats. Cyber threats are increasingly hidden, so make sure your teams can prevent, spot and effectively manage them before it’s too late.  

Simulate a phishing campaign

Phishing is one of the top vectors of cyberattacks against businesses. With the move to hybrid work evolving, phishing techniques have become increasingly sophisticated. Raise awareness, educate and increase vigilance among your staff to reduce this risk at its source and proactively protect your sensitive data.  

Switch to Windows 365

Windows 365 provides a secure hybrid work environment that allows your employees to stay productive, whether they are at home or in the office. This streaming solution offers the ability to work on a personal device while accessing a fully secure work environment, with the configuration required to meet business objectives.  

Our Commitment

Our professionals will educate you, via training sessions, in how to increase the productivity of your people and their adherence to technology; a must in the era of hybrid work.

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