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What Type Of Infrastructure Do You Need For Good Operational Management Of Your Company?

Quel type d’infrastructure vous faut-il pour une bonne gestion des opérations de votre entreprise ?

At MS Solutions, we offer three different types of infrastructure solutions: cloud, traditional, and hybrid. In this article we present you with the information you need to understand these different types of infrastructure, and thus make the right choice for your business.

IT Infrastructure

IT infrastructure includes hardware, software, network components, an operating system, and a data storage system, which are all used to provide IT services and solutions.

It also includes the hardware and application components necessary for the operation and management of IT environments within a company. A reliable and secure IT infrastructure is essential for any organization.

Cloud Infrastructure

Cloud computing infrastructures have many advantages, including simplicity and security, but their greatest attraction is that they allow access to your data at any time and from anywhere, without needing a physical space to host your servers and data. MS Solutions’ cloud computing solutions are tailored to your business needs and can provide you with an agile environment.

MS Solutions’ cloud computing solutions also increase your team’s productivity, thanks to the superior performance of the clouds we offer, while simultaneously offering you the most robust IT security.

Here are the two different cloud infrastructure solutions we offer:

This is a reliable, secure cloud computing solution, hosted entirely in Quebec. With MS Cloud 3.0, your current applications will become faster. 

The Microsoft Azure cloud solution provides a secure cloud space for all your workloads. Microsoft Azure has more than 90 compliance certifications, which provide a guarantee regarding the protection of your data. 

💡To help you choose your cloud provider, do not hesitate to download our free white paper: 8 criteria for choosing a cloud provider.

Traditional IT Infrastructure

A traditional IT infrastructure consists of:

  • Hardware: servers, computers, routers and facilities that host, cool and power data centres
  • Software: the applications used by the company: web servers, content management systems and operating systems
  • A network: the set of equipment linked together to transmit and receive information

It is necessary to host and supply this material in a secure physical space, protected from the general environment within your company.

For your traditional infrastructure to be effective, it must be efficient, secure, scalable, and available whenever needed. If your infrastructure is outdated, or if you’re unsure if your infrastructure still meets your needs, you can contact one of the MS Solutions experts to discuss the maintenance or enhancement of your IT infrastructure.

Hybrid Infrastructure

A hybrid infrastructure combines traditional IT infrastructure with the cloud. In some organizations, using both types of infrastructure together allows for greater control over the whole, and greater flexibility in managing your resources and data. MS Solutions can advise you on the best solution, according to the needs of your organization.

In short

Are you sure that your infrastructure is optimized for your business needs, as they stand today? Are you thinking of setting up a new infrastructure? Our experts will be able to answer all of your  questions and advise you on the most advantageous IT services for you. Do not hesitate to contact us to optimize the infrastructure in your company, via the IT managed services of MS Solutions.

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