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Cloud solutions for business
Your corporate data is essential to the smooth running of your business. By choosing a cloud solution, you ensure the security of your data, as well as access to it at all times and from all places.
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Cloud solutions adapted to your business objectives

Choosing a cloud solution to manage your business data means choosing simplicity and security. A cloud solution allows you to efficiently store your business-critical data, while making it more accessible to your employees – crucial to any organization working in hybrid mode. MS Solutions helps you choose the platform that best suits your needs, and assists you in the migration to a high-quality cloud solution.

Did you know that …

76% of North American IT managers believe that 95% of workloads will be in the cloud by 2025.

Microsoft Azure

The Microsoft Azure cloud solution offers a secure cloud space for all your workloads. To best meet your needs, Azure allows you to:

  • Migrate your servers  
  • Access virtual desktops anytime and anywhere under Windows 10 or Windows 11 
  • Transfer your databases to Azure data platforms   

Secure MSCloud

Secure MSCloud is a reliable, secure and entirely Quebec-based cloud solution. This cloud solution adapts to your needs and allows you to better focus on your business objectives:

  • Secure MSCloud is a reliable cloud solution with guaranteed uptime
  • As a secure cloud solution, Secure MSCloud offers a high level of security for your data   
  • MS Solutions offers you a 100% Quebec-based cloud solution. All your data is stored in data centres located exclusively in Quebec 

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