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Solutions To Protect You From Cyberattacks And The Impact Of Cyberwarfare

During our French-language webinar on March 18th, we discussed a subject that concerns both companies and individuals: cyberwarfare and its impact on IT security. Here’s a quick breakdown of what we covered in this webinar, including how you can protect yourself from becoming a victim.



The concept of cyberwarfare is not new – it has been well studied by many over the years. Although the topic is broad and complex, at its core is “the use of computer technology to attack the information systems of a state or organization, preventing them from carrying out important activities”. (oxfordlearnersdictionaries.com, 2022) But unlike other types of conflict, cyberwarfare is indefinite in time, and can happen at any time – as demonstrated by the various cyberattacks that countries and companies have suffered over the past few years.

However, in 2022, the conflict in Ukraine presented the very first example of cyberwarfare combined with traditional warfare. (LaPresse, 2022) Unlike traditional cyberattacks that target a company or government websites with the aim of paralyzing a service or recovering sensitive data, the events in Ukraine show that cyberwarfare can be used in international conflicts to paralyze a country in its entirety, to better take advantage of it on the ground.

Although the threat of cyberwarfare and cyberattack depends heavily on the target in question and the objective behind the attack, it is possible for anyone (and any entity) to take control of their cybersecurity and protect themselves from becoming the next victim.


How To Protect Yourself Online

Here are some quick tips on how to protect yourself online:


Computer Security Audit

Before you start getting new tools or services to strengthen your cybersecurity, it is important to carry out an unbiased cybersecurity audit. Unlike an internal audit, an external audit can offer you a new perspective on your security situation. MS Solutions has expertise in this field, backed by specialists with many years of experience. You can obtain a complete, high quality audit report on your security state, including concrete recommendations to improve your security.


Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Identification

The objective behind penetration testing is to determine your actual level of security in the face of a cyberattack. Our team of experts mimic the actions of malicious people looking to attack your IT services, to identify vulnerabilities. By carrying out these tests, we can identify even the hidden flaws in your system, and better understand your cybersecurity needs. We can also see if your confidential data is properly protected. Following the tests, a detailed report will be given to you that illustrates all of our findings.


Virtual Chief Security Information Officer (vCISO)

A Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO) is an experienced cybersecurity professional who will take a critical look at your business and will guide and coach you in improving your information security. Thanks to their years of experience and their external view of your company, the vCISO will be able to put their skills at your service. This includes:

  • Protection of confidentiality, integrity and availability of data
  • Long-term strategic cybersecurity development
  • Review/development of Governance, Risk and Compliance Programs
  • Definition of safety performance indicators
  • Risk assessment and management
  • Cybersecurity awareness and training
  • Development of secure communication and business processes
  • Providing oversight of security operations
  • Creating security operations dashboards
  • Cybersecurity program budget management
  • Resource and supplier management
  • Development and implementation of cybersecurity policies
  • Review of controls already in place


Dark Web Monitoring

The threat of the dark web should never be taken lightly. Dark web monitoring has become a must for robust cybersecurity, and it should be done on a regular basis to ensure that none of your sensitive data, partial or whole, is available for purchase. Information is the most highly coveted resource for cybercriminals. The MS Solutions team can offer you real-time monitoring for your corporate data on the dark web. In the event that your company’s sensitive information circulates, you will be alerted to the situation immediately, so you can take action without delay.


Phishing Awareness

Having the right cybersecurity tools and services is unfortunately not enough to ensure the security of your business and your information. An often overlooked but vital element is the human being in front of the screen. It is just as important to raise phishing awareness among your employees as it is to set up secure systems. In order to support you in this awareness process, the team of experts at MS Solutions has developed a practical and educational four-step approach to training employees, of all levels of technical literacy, on how to stay safe online. Your employees will see the importance of staying alert against phishing attempts, and you will be able to lower the risk of phishing for the organization.


Cybersecurity Training

Another cybersecurity tool available to your business is cybersecurity training for your employees. Using our cybersecurity training program for employees, and our advanced training options, you will stay proactive in cybersecurity while developing the skills of your team to better identify and manage cyber threats.


In short

No company or individual can protect themselves 100%, but it is possible to be proactive and reduce the risk of cyberattack to an acceptable level. Our team of experts can assist you in the process of analyzing your current situation and suggesting the tools you need to be cyber-protected.

As a business and with today’s hybrid working environment, it is very important to know if you and your employees are protected by the best tools available to you. Feel free to assess your level of risk using our cyber assessment tool (available in French) to better determine your cybersecurity needs, and discuss them over a virtual coffee with our team.

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