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DMARC Monitoring

DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance) monitoring allows you to authenticate your emails to prevent them from being bounced or identified as malicious.

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The Benefits of DMARC Monitoring

  • Secure your domain against phishing and identity theft
  • Automate your email authentication tasks such as monitoring, alerting, and reporting.
  • Easily and efficiently gain full control over how your email domains
  • Review your sending sources in no time and have peace of mind
  • Verify and validate your legitimate sending sources and block any brand impersonation attempts with an automated solution
  • Make sure your email campaigns land in your customers’ inboxes
  • Increase your sales by delivering authentic messages that build credibility and trust
  • Be notified in no time in a “Black mailing” context

Did you know that…

Starting in February 2024, major email providers will implement stricter authentication requirements.

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What is DMARC monitoring?

Setting up DMARC configurations is an essential step in strengthening the security of your organization’s electronic communications. DMARC provides robust protection against phishing by defining strict rules for the authentication of emails sent on your behalf. By establishing this policy, you build recipient trust while receiving detailed reports on fraud attempts, continually improving your security strategy.

Effectuer la surveillance des milliers de courriels de notifications et d’alertes implicites à la gestion DMARC et apporter les améliorations nécessaires tout au long de l’année lorsque requis.

The phases of carrying out continuous management of DMARC

The scope of work that will be carried out includes the name(s) of domains targeted by the organization.

Specify the domain names to analyze

Before starting DMARC monitoring, it is essential to clearly specify the domain names you want to analyze. This preliminary step allows you to precisely target the areas concerned, ensuring relevant monitoring tailored to your specific email security needs.

Tables summarizing the breaches discovered

DMARC monitoring is accompanied by a summary table listing the security breaches detected. These tables provide a concise overview of identified vulnerabilities, enabling rapid assessment of the situation. Each breach is categorized and documented in order to effectively guide the corrective actions necessary to strengthen the protection of your electronic communications.

Presentation of the results

Presentation of results is the crucial phase where the information collected during DMARC monitoring is presented in a clear and understandable manner. This detailed report includes not only the breaches detected, but also specific recommendations to improve the security of the analyzed domain names. This proactive approach provides a clear view of potential challenges and actions to take to strengthen the resilience of your messaging infrastructure.

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Our team of experts will take immediate corrective action in the event of a data leak on the Dark Web. You will be alerted as soon as sensitive information related to your business ends up on the Dark Web.

Advanced expertise in Dark Web monitoring

Dark Web monitoring projects are headed by Bernard Després, Director of the security and audit practice, certified CISA (Certified Information Systems Auditor) and CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional) with more than 20 years of experience in IT consulting.

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