Cybersecurity in 2023: Ideal path and required budget.

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Cyber threats are increasingly targeting organizations of all sizes. Protect yourself properly.
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Cyber threats are increasingly present and target all types of organizations. It is time to protect yourself adequately to ensure the integrity of your data and the continuity of your operations.

Identify vulnerabilities in your IT system with penetration testing

By simulating an attack on your own IT department in a fully controlled environment, you can easily identify vulnerabilities in your IT system – both in your internal network and in your cloud service – and fix them before they’re exploited by a hacker.  

Actively monitor the Dark Web

Be alerted immediately when sensitive company information is circulating on the Dark Web, with proactive Dark Web monitoring. Sensitive corporate data such as emails, usernames, user passwords and more can be purchased for a flat fee or on an auction basis. This type of information is highly coveted by new generation fraudsters and cybercriminals.  

Conduct a security audit

By performing a security audit, you can evaluate your computer system to confirm the effectiveness of your protection mechanisms and the resilience of your system to cyber threats. Such an audit will allow you to be proactive against cyber threats.

Entrust the management of your cybersecurity to experts

Let the experts handle your cybersecurity so you can focus on your business goals. Using high detection and response technology, our teams will be able to block cyber-attacks in real-time. With our managed cybersecurity services, you’ll get security for your cloud, alert management, triage, incident response and more, all from cybersecurity experts.

Our Commitment

Our team of certified cybersecurity professionals will work with you to implement and maintain the IT security solution that meets your needs.

Bernard Després

Security and Audit Practice Manager

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