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The 5 IT articles most popular of 2022

At MS Solutions, our priority is to offer you relevant content on the IT universe to keep you informed of new developments. For this reason, we have concocted a top 5 of our most viewed articles in 2022.


1. How to notify your absence on Microsoft 365

How important it is to be able to easily notify all the people who will try to reach you during your absence. Microsoft has made this very easy for anyone using the Microsoft 365 suite. In minutes, you can create an away message that will sync across Microsoft Teams and Outlook, both to your emails and to your calendar! In short, an article / tutorial much appreciated by our dear readers!

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2. Use Microsoft Teams when you already have SharePoint

Microsoft Teams and SharePoint are two separate platforms from Microsoft 365. Both don’t have the same features but can be used together. For example, Teams happens to be much more complete than a single chat platform. Indeed, the strength of Teams is its integration with other Microsoft 365 applications. If you have been using a SharePoint collaborative intranet for a very long time, you may have a little difficulty understanding their distinct peculiarities and the integration that we can make these two platforms. In this article you will find the advantages of combining these two applications and what makes their differences. 

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3. What is Power BI? What are the advantages ?

Power BI is an application developed by Microsoft to easily connect to your data, transform it, work and visualize it. Your data can either come from an Excel document or from your cloud you will be able to bring it together in order to visualize and transform it easily. Here’s how to use Power BI for your data.

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4. Use the new Microsoft Lists app 

As with many over the past year, working from home has become commonplace for businesses and their employees. This is why applications are increasingly used and needed on our home computers. One of these tools most used today is the Microsoft 365 platform. Since the beginning of this cloud platform, Microsoft has constantly improved its products included in its Microsoft 365 offer. In July 2020, their most recent tool was launched , Microsoft Lists, as a response to other management tools like Asana, Airtable, and Wrike.

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5. Why secure outsourcing is now essential

Today, “classic” outsourcing allows you to benefit from the skills and solutions of IT experts. Its main objective is to improve the performance of your infrastructure and free you from the daily management of user support. With the new generation of secure outsourcing, the objective is also to make your information system highly secure to avoid any interruption of your activities that could be caused by a computer security breach. 

Read our article: Why secure outsourcing is now essential

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