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SharePoint Intranet: Power your internal collaboration

A SharePoint Intranet is a collaborative solution for saving, sharing and managing your company's content. MS Solutions supports you to accelerate your journey towards increased collaboration and in the design of your intranet.
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Choose the SharePoint intranet to promote collaboration and productivity

The SharePoint intranet is a business solution that promotes teamwork by simplifying information sharing and increased collaboration between your employees. The era of the one-way intranet that is identical for everyone in the organization is a thing of the past.

As Microsoft 365 and SharePoint experts
, we support you throughout the implementation of your new intranet. Our collaborative method ensures that you get to grips with your new tool and makes your project a real success.


Speak with an expert Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

MS Solutions support for your SharePoint intranet in a few words

Take full advantage of the potential of the SharePoint intranet thanks to our expertise and personalized advice,
for smooth and efficient internal communication.


Collaborate with our intranet development experts in a variety of working sessions that will guide you, in particular in mapping the mega-menu and organizing your content.

Ongoing support

Benefit from ongoing support and coaching throughout your journey, from ideation, to design, to post-deployment support.


Set up your collaborative SharePoint intranet so that your groups of users can access content dedicated to them, in a targeted manner.

Plan for the change

Plan your change management with the help of experienced professionals, to build buy-in from your audience.

Expert advice

Be the creators and owners of your content, while being advised on best practices to simplify implementation and maintenance.

Attend our trainings

Get started on a solid foundation with our SharePoint training courses that will give you a good understanding of the tool and its possibilities.

Why choose MS Solutions support for your SharePoint intranet

We offer you complete and collaborative support to make your SharePoint intranet a modern and efficient internal communication tool.

As the main player in your project, you will be involved at every step of the process, from defining your needs to setting up and maintaining your intranet.

Our expertise in SharePoint intranet design will allow you to:

  • Improve communication and collaboration between your teams.
  • Centralize and organize your information for easy and secure access.
  • Automate your business processes and gain productivity.
  • Foster innovation and corporate culture.
  • Designed in close collaboration with your teams to meet your specific requirements.
  • Easy to use and accessible to all your colleagues.
  • Scalable to support the growth of your organization.
  • Analysis of your needs and definition of objectives.
  • Support in the design and development of the intranet.
  • User training and post-deployment support.
  • Master all aspects of your intranet and adapt it to your specific needs.
  • Gain autonomy and skills to manage your intranet on a daily basis.
  • Benefit from a long-lasting and scalable solution that will support the growth of your organization.
  • Detailed implementation plan.
  • Needs analysis and identification of areas for improvement.
  • Content organization chart for intuitive navigation.
  • Megamenu mapping for easy access to information.
  • Examples and theoretical sketches to visualize the final result.
  • Training on the components of a SharePoint online intranet (SPO)
  • Collaborative design workshops.
  • Configuring permissions and metadata for secure access.
  • Regular monitoring and support to guarantee your satisfaction.

As an example, the MS Solutions intranet

Forget the cliché of the poorly shod shoemaker!
At MS Solutions, our SharePoint intranet is the cornerstone of our internal communication and a true model of efficiency.
Discover in a few images how this tailor-made tool is revolutionizing our collaboration and productivity.

Join MS Solutions and over 200,000 organizations and 190 million people using the collaborative SharePoint intranet


Microsoft SharePoint is a platform that uses many different components to share, manage and publish content across your business. It is a collaborative intranet improving communication within organizational teams. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information!

The SharePoint intranet has several functions and reasons to be used. It allows, among other things, to reduce the quantity of paper in circulation, in addition to facilitating the organization, sharing and coordination of information. To find out more, we invite you to read our article Why use SharePoint in your business.

Choosing SharePoint as a collaborative intranet solution allows you, among other things, to:

  • Develop and maintain company culture
  • Cultivate a sense of belonging through increased communication
  • Easily communicate information on a one-off or recurring basis
  • Give employees visibility on business decisions, personnel movements, new developments
  • Provide a one-stop shop for key information: new employee journey, policy manual, forms
  • Survey employees on various topics simply
  • Reduce the amount of emails sent to all employees
  • Benefit from a mobile solution that can be consulted anywhere and at anytime
  • Vary messages by easily integrating videos
  • Raise employee awareness of key issues, such as cybersecurity and COVID procedures
  • Share knowledge grouped under a common site
  • Foster enthusiasm for the organization’s mission
  • Reduce departmental silos
  • Promote transparent two-way communication through comments and reactions
  • Help reduce paper forms and document printing
  • Maximize the use of Microsoft 365 tools
  • Have modern research capabilities
  • Benefit from a secure tool integrated into your daily life
  • Have the ability to create subsites for separate departments
  • Promote co-creation and co-publishing of content
  • Maintain the familiarity of the interface for Microsoft 365 users which integrates Outlook, their OneDrive storage space and the Microsoft Teams communication tool.

Intranet SharePoint is a collaborative solution allowing the creation of SharePoint sites, storing, sharing and managing your company’s content while promoting teamwork and respecting assigned sharing rights.

Your OneDrive folder is a private folder allowing you to save your personal files and decide who you want to share them with. For its part, SharePoint allows you to save files on which an entire team collaborates or to make certain documents public.

The differences between SharePoint and Teams are that the SharePoint intranet allows you to store your files in the cloud and share them with your teams and collaborators while the Teams application allows you to have a conversation (written or by video) and meetings while collaborating on shared files.

As a customizable intranet, SharePoint can be completely configured to your business needs. You can create documents and share them, use connected applications or even use workflows.

The SharePoint intranet is accessible from the Microsoft site, Simply log in using your professional credentials and go to the applications to select SharePoint.

SharePoint connexion

Are you working with a SharePoint intranet, but you don’t seem to have mastered the platform as well as you would like? Please note that we offer SharePoint training for users as well as SharePoint training for administrators and developers.

SharePoint’s collaborative technology will save you time in organizing and dispatching by eliminating unnecessary delays. Its various communication tools facilitate the sharing of information between different departments. With SharePoint you can share news, stories, documents and notes. With the platform, connect with the team and managers, whether to meet tight deadlines, to communicate essential information or to monitor the components of a project!

SharePoint Intranet doesn’t just offer benefits for employers! It is a useful and practical solution for everyone, including employees. In addition to offering them a platform where information is easily accessible, it simplifies leave requests and the transmission of schedules. The benefits of using SharePoint for employees include: 

  • Improving communication;
  • Simplified file sharing;
  • Current company information;
  • Access at all times thanks to the mobile application;
  • And more !

SharePoint Intranet is the perfect communication technology solution for teleworking. With SharePoint Mobile and SharePoint Online, it’s possible to see the information you’re looking for, no matter where you are. Whether you use your mobile or your laptop, find the same level of productivity as at home.

SharePoint Intranet is a technology that is equally suited to the needs of small and large businesses, regardless of the sector of activity. A common platform for gathering information and documentation is essential, especially when your company has several branches. If your goal is to motivate your employees, share resources easily and create a centralized workspace for your team, SharePoint is your solution!

To ensure the success of your SharePoint intranet, several key elements must be met:

  • Have a functional Microsoft 365 environment including at least Exchange, Teams and SharePoint.
  • Make time for participants outside of the workshops.
  • Target content editors who will supply the intranet with information specific to your organization.
  • Work closely with IT teams to configure the M365 administration center.
  • Participants must have an interest in technology and take ownership of the tool.

Implementing a SharePoint Internet or changing the intranet requires rigorous change management and relevant training so that employees adhere to this new tool.

Typically, change management must take into consideration technology, work organization and people. In the context of change, communication and preparation of your audience are essential. At MS Solutions, we support you in implementing a change strategy so that the deployment of your collaborative SharePoint intranet is a success.

Our Commitment

We are experts who accelerate the use of Microsoft 365 ecosystem technologies by your people through tailor-made support and the application of best practices.

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